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  1. Hi, I can only say my car passed tests with Tasjeel. 😎
  2. @Rob S I went on the same path as you, install lift, wheels with negative offset, A/T tires, etc. I did this in steps and with different vendors (i.e. garages, tire shops). If I were to repeat the process I would look at all together as a whole system and research every part: springs, shocks, bump stops, drop case, adjustable arms, drag link, bushings, wheels, etc. In the process I visited 3 garages, the last one was meticulous enough to review the modifications and correct a few things that should have been done from day 1. Hope this helps!
  3. Marjam @Jeepie it was a pleasure meeting and attending drives with you. Thanks for documenting those drives with amazing pictures! Best regards and wish you a great new year ahead!
  4. @Lorenzo Candelpergher unexpected news, you will be missed! It was a pleasure attending the drives you hosted, especially the climb challenges. I wish you all the best and hope to cross paths in the sandlands. Kindest regards.
  5. What a way to send off 2021! Thank you @Srikumar for hosting a fantastic day at Bu Tais, it is a terrific playground. It was 8:00 pm last night when I arrived, as it was my first time there I had no clue where to camp so just went and settled not far from the meeting point. I must say it was difficult going to sleep because the sky was spectacular, but as the mercury dropped I made way to get warm and rest. The convoy gathered at the designated site where everyone prepared their cars and, after listening to @Srikumar's briefing, we all started heading towards the playground. We w
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