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  1. @Lakshmi Narasimhan perhaps you already came across this post, if not I recommend it, you will find it informative and some comments there align with the spirit of your post 😎.
  2. @Ale Vallecchi a great drive indeed, particularly because the route you led us through, from Faqa to Qudra, is something I had been looking forward to explore. Reflecting on the experience, criss-crossing is an area to focus on . Even though the terrain threw at us some challenges, I feel we had a good pace, thank you once again for leading us all through, and also to @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ & son, and @Abu Muhammad for keeping the convoy moving and supporting when needed. @GauravSoni, @Rob Harper, @Jack Thomas, @Niki Patel and @Tariq Carrimjee, it was a great pleasure to drive
  3. @Chaitanya D - thank you, it was a great drive yesterday and a good opportunity to get a taste of a night drive. As always, a pleasure to drive with all, we sure had fun. Have a great weekend ahead!
  4. This is the essence of all this, right? There is more to learn apart from driving: recovery, terrain, navigation, drive in and out safely, etc. Enjoy the sand!
  5. Thank you Richard @Wrangeld and hope to join one of your drives soon!
  6. @Thomas Varghese congratulations and all the very best!
  7. Good morning @Chaitanya D - Thank you for informing about the change of date, unfortunately I won't be available on 15th April and will not be able to attend, however I look forward to another opportunity for an evening/night drive. Please remove me from the waitlist. Kindest regards.
  8. @Rahimdad thank you for your kind words, Daniel and I look forward to join one of your drives again.
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