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  1. Hi Frederic, thank you and yes the night shot was at 24mm f/2.8, 25s exposure time and ISO 800.
  2. Hi there, The opportunity to roam around and record moments in photos is wonderful. I use two cameras, a Nikon D850 (two lenses a 24-70mm f2.8G and a 70-300mm VR f/4-5.6G) and a Fuji X100T (fixed lens and perfect for street and travel photography). If there is an opportunity to meet for a photography drive count me in! Best regards to all!
  3. Hi Frederic - yes I operate the compressor with engine running and A/C on. The compressor is still working. I will try once again with 30A fuses, thanks for the advice!
  4. Hi @Frederic here are the photos.
  5. Guys - I've got an ARB twin piston installed onboard my car, it was working great until recently it started blowing fuses, the ARB provided fuses are 30A which I replaced by two 70A and were blown today whilst I was inflating, luckily I had 4 spares and could finish inflating. Anyway, would you know of or could anyone recommend a good car electrician to have a look at it? I searched in Internet and there are quite a few, but instead of picking up one blindly or just by reading reviews, I am more inclined to go by a recommendation. As to the topic of this discussion, and based on this recent experience with the fuses, I would also suggest to keep a back up compressor, perhaps a cheaper (but capable) one. Thanks in advance! Cheers
  6. Hi everyone - it was a terrific drive today, it put us and our cars to test, it was full of scenarios that provided us with excellent opportunities to learn and practice. @Wrangeld and @Mehmet Volga thank you for all your support and patience, especially during the "stuck fiesta" towards the end of the drive! @Ashok chaturvedi - a shout out to you, thank you for providing advice and sharing your experience with all of us. I've left a few pictures in the gallery. Stay safe and have a nice rest of the weekend!
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  10. Great drive! We learnt from a variety of scenarios: stuck, refusal, cresting etc.. Thanks to Frederic and Luca for the advice during the whole drive and look forward to participate in future drives. Have a nice rest of the weekend.
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