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  1. 🙋‍♂️ looking forward to hopefully more than one trip to Liwa ...
  2. @Alex Raptor these are great news, congratulations! See you around in the sand!
  3. Hi @Dodi Syahdar very well done, congratulations! look forward driving with you again! Enjoy and stay safe!
  4. Congratulations @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil ! Well deserved and keep enjoying the sand! 😎
  5. @Islam Soliman - I've joined the drive, apologies for the last minute RSVP.
  6. @Lorenzo Candelpergher - noted and thank you for letting us know and find alternatives. Take care and hope all is well with you and your family. Kindest regards.
  7. @Chaitanya D a saw scaled viper spotted this morning in Al Qudra by someone who goes there a lot. This person often shares images of the fauna he comes across with, snakes are not frequent in his posts which makes this an interesting one: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTgPw3apSdS/ ... on a side note it looks like the killer ants don't mind getting close to these vipers 😆
  8. ...and this puts a stop to my 4L experiment 🤣 This is what the Y61 manual says: "4L - (4WD, low range) Four wheels are driven. Use when climbing or descending steep hills, or during driving in sand, mud or deep snow. The "4L" position provides maximum power and traction. Avoid raising vehicle speed excessively, as the maximum speed in 5th gear is approximately 50 km/h (30 MPH)."
  9. @Paul Zeitoun you drive a 2016 RAM 1500 space ship, share your view's !
  10. Hi - Geolandar went out of stock for a while so I chose Coopers Disco. AT3 4S. In my opinion, these are heavy tires and I could feel the change. Wheels: I installed new rims with bead locks, with a positive outcome of being able to experiment with low pressures. Bead locks, I hear, reduce the probability of pop-outs. If you change to tires bulkier than the Bridgestone Dueler H/Ts then check they don't rub much of the fender inner liner. My recommendation is you look at suspension (springs, shocks and bump stops), wheels and tires as a whole system. Hope this helps.
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