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  1. Hi @Asif Hussain I wont be able to join the drive, a shame because Bu Tais is such a great area to drive in, I was looking forward to it. Hope you all stay safe and have fun. Cheers.
  2. @Looper you captured the right moment, great picture!
  3. @Gok Krish getting a feel of riding a starfish dune
  4. At Y60 Hill - @Looper, @Imran Kashif, @Gok Krish, @GauravSoni, @Rizwanm2, @Chris Wing and @Zixuan Huang - Charlie
  5. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie full throttle climb going around the bowl
  6. Convoy moving! All well at the back. Let me start by thanking @Srikumar and @Carnity crew for their decision to accept the waitlist, giving us all the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic drive and day at Al Qua. A big thank you to @GauravSoni for taking the lead and of course to @Looper, @Rizwanm2 and @Zixuan Huang - Charlie for keeping the convoy safe from start to end. Our convoy was joined by @Chris Wing, @Gok Krish and @Imran Kashif, a great group of drivers with whom we all enjoyed the wonderful terrain Al Qua offers to offroaders, be it climbs, bowls or starfish dunes. It was not difficult to hear over the radio a request to go around a bowl or up a climb once more. It was pure fun and adrenaline rush. According to my GPS tracking this was the highest I climbed in Y60 Hill , the faint bluish-teal line is how high I went during @Gaurav's drive on 29-Jan-22. The difference? went farther to gain more momentum The drive was intense, specially when we tried to exit the last bowl, "720 Bowl" @GauravSoni?, so towards the end even though fuel was still plenty, our energy tanks were almost empty but souls fulfilled with the joy and camaraderie amongst us. Perhaps, for an all day drive I will for sure plan to camp at its end . As usual, it was a pleasure to drive with all of you and hope to see you all soon. In the meantime, have a great week ahead.
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