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  1. Hisham, mabrouk! Well deserved, you're a role model to follow. All the best and hope to see you soon.
  2. Dear everyone, it was a pleasure meeting you all and @Hisham Masaad shukran too much for taking us through the beautiful area of Shuwaib! "Yalla keep moving!" will be stuck in my head for a while! Until we meet next time, wish you all a great week ahead.
  3. @Zed thanks for the video, yes it was bumpy, will look into the adjustments, thanks for pointing that out.
  4. Good drive everyone! thanks @GauravSoni for leading us throughout the everchanging sands in Al Badayer area, and well done eveybody drove really well, we had a few minor refusals which adds fun to the day. Climbing Iftar bowl is something I had not done in a long while and, at least for me, was the summit of the drive with the adrenaline of pushing the car up and joy of sliding down. @Matt.T it was great seeing you again, as the saying goes "Buen viento y buena mar" (fair wind and safe sea) wishing you safe travels! Great to see you all!
  5. This being one of the reasons why I ditched bead locks and went back to stock wheels. I am now forcing myself to drive differently and avoid pop-outs, as much as possible 😅. I also got a good car jack for those situations. Tires, according to the Y61 owner's manual you can move within the diameter range of 30.6" to 32.4", I compiled the information in a table and is shared below in case it helps anyone owning a Nissan Patrol Y61 ... items 8 and 9 are not stock, those are what I have installed.
  6. Well, not sure where to start, but by just agreeing that it is a great topic. The approach I took was a bit different: decided on the Y61 SWB, researched about the most common / possible changes, I then concentrated on suspension and safety. Mostly, I think that carrying with changes is part of the off road fun. Hope we meet in a drive soon for a conversation on the subject. Cheers!
  7. well deserved @varunmehndiratta! hope to join one of your drives soon!
  8. @munkybizness Mayank! mabrouk. Cheers and hope to see you in sand soon!
  9. @Frederic apologies, will not be able to attend, which is a pity as I have been looking after an opportunity to try my new samyang lens. Until next time inshallah!
  10. Great topic, I carry the basic kit easily available at all pharmacies and I added electrolyte sachets, burn aid treatment, antihistamine, skin sun protector. There is a UAE based business that sells off road products, among them a first aid molle pouch containing: 1 x Buckle Tourniquet (2.5 x 45cm) 1 x Emergency Blanket (130 x 210cm) 1 x Military Trauma Dressing (4inch) 1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves 2 x Sterile Combine Dressings (10 x 20cm) 1 x Conforming Elastic Bandage (7.5 x 450cm) 1 x Disposable CPR Face Shield 1 x Pair of Shears (Scissors 18.5cm) 1 x Burn Dressing (40 x 60cm) 5 x Adhesive Band Aids (1.9 x 7.2 cm) An item I am curious about, that I don't see included in first aid kits, is the combat gauze or "hemostatic dressing", perhaps in this forum we could get some feedback or opinion about including it or not in a first aid kit. Cheers everyone!
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