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  1. @Mike M. congrats on the promotion mate hope to join you there soon! Hope to see you in the drives to come.
  2. @JeromeFJ I hope I don’t mess up the magic words 😂. See you Saturday morning!
  3. @JeromeFJ good morning, I’ve put myself down on the waitlist for your drive as I’m also attending the bbq later on in the day if it’s possible for me to come I would be happy to join. Is there any advice you can provide driving to Abu Dhabi? As this is my first time. Do I require any documentation? Or is it as simple as arriving at the location? Thanks in advance. Hope to see you soon
  4. @Joao Well done mate, see you soon out on the sand
  5. @heyns holtzhausen Well done mate enjoy the new rank! looking forward to seeing you soon
  6. Thanks @Hisham Masaad it was a great drive I’m looking forward to the next one with you. The sand was really hard to read this time around. I found that the jeep was struggling to hold its traction after climbing. At first I thought I was pushing too hard but to my surprise it wasn’t that at all. It seemed like I was digging myself in that’s why I double checked tyre pressure etc. still a great drive and very enjoyable. I definitely learned something out on this one thanks @Fabien Monleau thanks for all the great support and helping with the tires it was greatly appreciated! Looking forward to seeing you soon @Krishna R looking forward to seeing you soon. It takes everyone a few to get used to a new car nevertheless you were still doing well
  7. @Vanessa8580 good morning I’ve added myself to the waitlist as I have a drive this afternoon. If any spot opens up I would be happy to join
  8. @Brett Eicher congrats enjoy the new level. Have a good one
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