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    Passionate off-roader looking to advance skills, whilst also developing skills as one of the first students in the Middle East  to graduate game design and esports BTEC 
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  1. Congrats @Sviatoslav great job mate, enjoy the new challenge. I will see you soon
  2. Congrats @Frederic118 great job mate! Enjoy the challenge I’ll see you on the next one
  3. @Looper I’m sorry mate I can’t make it I noticed the engine temp started getting very hot I’m leaking coolant. Will have to call off. I deeply apologize was looking forward to meeting everyone
  4. Congrats @ZakWarah enjoy the new level & challenge!
  5. Congrats @Gary F well deserved! Our marshals can look forward to the family duo in support 😂
  6. Thank you @Davie Chase amazing drive as usual from the smooth operator himself, the weather was perfect during the morning which really set up the ideal conditions for shoveling, which gladly we all got plenty of, looking forward to our next drive together I will be waiting to see your supervising skills put to the test again @Imran Asghar always great meeting up with you mate keeping the rear end anchored perfectly, made the drive much more calmer knowing I had extra support behind me if needed, hope to see you soon mate. @Mark B @Gary F I'm starting to wonder if the old wife's tale of two doves also apply to two gladiators seeing these behemoths carry themselves through the desert is both amazing and intimidating
  7. don’t worry about popouts mate. We get good training out of it and it’s a great teaching point for anyone who hasn’t seen one fixed. it’s what support crew are there for!
  8. @Abhilash Kottakkal my rim size is 18inch too. In all that time I’ve only ever had a partial pop-out on my front right during an extreme tight turn into a dune. rim size will definitely change the overall handling of your car and potentially even reduce the risk of a popout. However in my personal experience so far so good! I recommend to get use to your car. Become comfortable with 13 psi and then experiment reducing tyre pressure to a maximum of 10 psi. If you’re still not comfortable changing rim size and tyre is always an option. Just don’t make it your only option
  9. Beautiful photo @Marek trading enterprise is getting free advertising with these shots 😂 will definitely be holding onto this picture really good job mate
  10. @Mark B congratulations mate!! Well deserved. Looking forward to supporting some drives with you in the future!
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