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  1. Congrats @Maytham Mahroos enjoy the added pace and your weekend drive!
  2. Happy birthday @Frederic! Have a good one mate. To many more safe off-roading trips 🍻
  3. I really apologize guys I just woke up to a new orientation shift change within my work last min, I unfortunately now won’t have the time to make it for the drive I’ll make sure this doenst happen again. Was really looking forward to catching up @JeromeFJ
  4. Congrats @Zulfikhar Naiyar now comes the real challenge! Enjoy the rank
  5. @Hisham Masaad this took me truly by surprise I wish you good health in your later adventures mate, it’s been a pleasure to watch and adapt with you, both you and @Abdelghani are incredible drivers. I will miss the echoing on the radio of “yalla push” on the amazing climbs of Badayer. I hope we cross paths again in the future good luck mate
  6. @DP1011 you could always join the skeletor jeep style! 😂 all you need is an aerial, skeleton, pliers, and metal wire!
  7. This idea is so cool @Frederic! My fav Pink Floyd song is either another brick in the wall, breath or maybe comfortably Numb! I can’t really decide tbh. this similar idea implied with listening to some 50s-90s playlists alongside camping and driving would be awesome I’ll see what I can do. To join up in November if I can
  8. Congrats Lads! @DP1011 and @Simon D I look forward to supporting some of your drives. Well deserved
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