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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Hi @GauravI'm afraid I don't have any footage, was planning on buying a gopro but didn't end up getting it.
  2. @Lorenzo Candelperghermy sincere apologies, I have a commitment that has come up which I can't get out of. Sorry I won't be able to join this drive. Hope everyone has an amazing one!
  3. I would be interested to know which insurance company provides a good off road cover? Most of the fine print says there shouldn't be a competitive event happening. I am assuming carnity is not considered as that.
  4. You guys have summed up the drive quite well! Thank you @Islam Solimanfor yet another very exciting drive! Great second lead by @JeromeFJand sweep by @Russ It's so true @Rawadalmost all of us started around the same time, I really like how all of us have come so far. I enjoyed the drive and today was a big reminder to get my bash plates installed. It seems I cannot delay that any longer. I've really started seeing a massive difference in the cars performance with the new high profile tires, there's so much that I can do now.thank you @Chinthaka Ruwanfor sharing the videos and @
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