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  1. @Tamas Hoffmannit was a pleasure joining your convoy. Learned a lot on this drive as well. I got crested once and had a few refusals as well. Help from @Bretteand @Hisham Masaadenabled me to recover and get on with the drive. Thank you so much for your patience and feedback! Thank you to the rest of the convoy as well!
  2. Thank you @Rawad Bahsasthis is so helpful! It puts me on track for my patrol's transformation. Also, here is a pic from today.
  3. Thank you so much @Anish S @Ale Vallecchi @Mukundan Nair Fantastic drive, I was so glad to get some practice of crossovers. Still need some more practice as I think I sometimes make too sharp of a turn and end up making a dive down the dune. The drive brought different flavors and I was glad to have joined @Anish S 's convoy having driven with him before. Had a damaged bumper which I guess is expected by now. A quick run to the garage and it popped right out. Looking forward to the next drive!
  4. Such a nice drive! I had my brother in law and his father in law as passengers and they loved the drive too! I was a bit apprehensive as to whether they would be okay but they did great! I got stuck in one place but was able to self recover! Learned a lot when the pop out happened for one of the convoy members. Great support from the senior members as always. Thank you.
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