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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thank you @Fredericfor this awesome informations i just want to ask question is there any method to choose frequency and if i want to set a channel how can I know if it's available to use?
  2. @Thomas Varghese I do not know what to say, I felt sad when I read the reason for your quitting the club and now I feel happy that you backed out of your decision, but the most thing that makes me feel proud of this family, is this support that I saw in the comments, and indeed what the guys said is 100% true. The main goal is to enjoy at Which level you are. Welcome back again, and I look forward to joining the driving journey together. In any case, you are not too late to have new friendships. They may be older than most of us, but you have a young heart beating like all of us. See y
  3. @Niki Patel Thank you so much that was really helpful
  4. @jeetu sharma Welcome to Carnity Family
  5. congratulations @Junaid120120 you nailed it 💪💪
  6. i think here is 2 mistakes 1st when he loses the momentum and he tried hard to keep him self on the track 2nd wrong reading of terrain he didn't take this little bumpy area into his consideration @Rahimdad what do you think?
  7. i think the mistake here that he tried to recover the patrol from the back side from this point of view it would be easier and much safer if he tried to pull the patrol to the other side
  8. Why do most people prefer Jeep Rubicon over all other Wrangler models? What makes this model special from others?
  9. Ahmad Shaker

    Ahmad Shaker

  10. @Frederic another helpful topic 🤩 thanks, man for your great effort I really enjoy reading your topics. keep going 👏👏👏
  11. @Foxtrot Oscar many thanks for your report and for the great drive experience, it was a really nice day full of challenges and playing time. as my first drive with you, in the beginning, I thought it will be a quiet drive and relaxing but you took us to another level and adrenaline was much higher than expectations. thanks to you again and I look forward to driving with you again 😊😊
  12. congratulations @William Fernandes well done 💪💪💪💪
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