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  1. This is what I'm talking about. 😎
  2. I can sharey simple experience. I'm driving Jeep JL. In my first ever ride with other group I was advised to remove the fuse. This was the most wrong thing I ever did. For sure my car got stuck. And since there is no fuse, the computer lost some information about what is going on. It ended up no traction. And lost the 4 wheel. So it was only 2 wheel working. With even an alarm saying 4wheel service. So the car was saying bad words to me. I was pulled out. And was escorted to the exist. Before moving out I had the fuse back. As soon as I reached the entry point. I checked the car the
  3. Well Hello @Miamimoe first time for me as well with @Luca Palanca Falsini and will be my first time to see the Gladiator live in action I'll be in my Red Jeep JL. looking forward meeting you all. Happy to see you again. Hope it won't turn to a night ride as the last one
  4. @Foxtrot Oscar thanks for the lovely ride and the extra bonus of night drive. Was definitely the longest ride I ever had, but was full of technical experience and on top a night ride you were surrounded by lots of jeeps as well as huge trucks. Was very nice to see familiar faces @Watteau and to talk to new ones @stavros papachristos @Thomas Varghese. @Kailas I loved the path and route you took, was very nice. overall, such rides get me more closer to my car and makes me feel more in control. Yes, I faced one may be two refusals at night time, but they were self recovered within very
  5. Thanks @William Fernandes it was pleasure meeting you and the today's group. Thanks @Watteau...WOW😲 never thought we drove this much... @Rahimdad @Mohamed Seidam & @marks it was really a pleasure driving with you today. It was so much fun, and above all an honor to drive with you and the group today.
  6. Thanks @Rahimdad looking forward to drive with you. this will mark my 10th ride overall 😄
  7. Sorry guys. I went under self quarantine😣 Should be released in 10 days insha'Allah.
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