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  1. @Rahimdad thanks very much for leading the drive and your very helpful words of advice. I learn so much on every drive thanks to selfless sharers like you. And you have a gift for prose! Looking forward to more drives with you and reading your descriptive drive reports. Couple of pics I took...
  2. @Frederic, @Tamas Hoffmann and @Kailas thank you for your guidance patience and enthusiastic support. I learned a lot in those 4 hours thanks to you guys. Look forward to many more rides with you folks. You are doing a fantastic job. here is one of the few pics I took, believe it is @Lawrence_Chehimi car...
  3. Hi guys As promised I am sharing the towpoint pics (for my LR discovery) I removed the front and rear bumper panels and the recovery towpoints are there. I guess it should be there on the defender as well... Joseph
  4. Hi All Unlike others I am a bonafide Absolute Newbie, as required! 1. 2017 Discovery Grey, recently purchased and looks like it has never gone offroad. like me 2. No offroad experience unless you count driving on Indian roads in my formative years (kidding). 3. I believe yes, under the fenders (will remove fenders and send pics) Would appreciate some advice where to procure (in short time) the required air compressor and radio. I already have a pressure gauge cum deflator. Looking forward to the drive Joseph
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