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  1. Yes @Gauravstill interested. My car is in service but I have been promised it will be ready Thursday. So that is the only uncertainty - if that is not OK, please let me be on standby and give the opportunity to the next person on the list....no worries
  2. Hi @Gaurav could you place me on the waiting list as first drive. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for clarifying @Wrangeld I also suspected that I had the opposite problem ie too little gas... Totally agree! That crest stuck wss a prime example
  4. Thanks @Wrangeld for designing a challenging drive and one from which I learnt a lot while enjoying the drive. For one thing I learned that I could not afford to drop my concentration even for a second, which was what got me into both my stuck situations. I learned how to properly engage 4L in my all mechanical TJ wrangler (the final clunk has to happen or its still spinning in neutral, thanks for the specific input on this @Wrangeld)...and I would not have learned that if I had not gotten stuck. I also learned to keep my mouth shut while shoveling since I dont like the taste of sand 🤣 S
  5. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi and @Alexander Alcala for a challenging and entertaining drive and also for the learning inputs throughout the drive and of course the physical effort to pull us out of the issues whenever they occurred. Looking forward to more of the same - for sure every drive I have been on drives with Carnity I come away having learned a few things on offroad driving in general and importantly on getting used to my car and how it behaves on sand. A great weekend stress buster as usual - thanks as well to me fellow newbies, hope to see you next time on the sand!
  6. Thanks @Frederic for organizing and also the detailed route instructions - would never have found it otherwise! Also thanks to @munkybizness for the idea and @samamara for the location and the rest or you for the infectious enthusiasm which extended to me being able to motivate my wife and daughters to accompany me (though the elder one found the breeze pleasant enough to take a nap under the stars!). Unfortunately I forgot to get my radio and was not sure of the groupl location after I came down into the tree area - would have been a great opportunity to meet and chat with the group members,
  7. @samamara apologies to you and rest of the gang for hijacking this thread for some more general photo tips. But a couple of quick ones hopefully should be useful info for the others also.... 1. Is there a preferred season in our UAE area for milky way shots as in clear sky or aesthetic view of MW itself (you mentioned october but does it extend into the winter?) 2. As you mentioned post editing is critical. Can you link to any useful website or FAQ for workflow to edit night sky/ high signal noise pics in PS or similar software 3. last one! Any benefit you see in shooting/ editi
  8. @samamara thanks very much for your patience and that detailed answer covering all the points. Cleared up a lot on the theory side, now for the practical part and trying to produce something passable! The other two pics you have shared including the star trails are excellent as well. Also, thanks @Frederic for your valuable inputs as. For me focusing on the night sky has always been a challenge as my camera is a little old and while it has many customizable features the live view is a very basic one. One can have the best camera and lens - but if the camera shakes or if the focus is off
  9. @samamara that is a really fantastic shot, I am sure you are being very modest and a lot of planning and work went into it. Even the dune in the foreground is perfectly lit and without any blemishes like footmarks...really well done! Will be grateful if you could share some data while you have already shared some info...Lens focal length ~16mm (very clear for a zoom lens!) and ISO 3200 (impressive low level of noise still, says a lot about your sensor and camera) Could you also let us know what you used for shutter speed and aperture? White balance? guess you used a tripod and a remo
  10. Thanks @Brettefor a very enjoyable and safe drive as always, and @Hisham Masaad for valuable support and keeping an eye on us newbies from the rear of the conovy. Thanks also to all the other drivers, I think we all managed to cross the challenges in the drive with minimal fuss and a lot of learning. @munkybizness it was a pleasure to meet you and the presence of the Y61 powerhouse in my rear view was steady and reassuring. Hope to meet all of you on future drives and to continue learning 👍
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