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  1. Great drive, Great company... and some jokes Hope to drive with you all agin soon.
  2. Thanks Ale. I learnt s great deal and thank you. Now I am in Europe where I am reminded by the clarity of the sky (no dust) but the lack of dunes☹️ but they do have trees😁
  3. @Ale Vallecchi with great regret I must withdraw due to unforeseen work commitments. Sounds like a great drive and I hope you all enjoy. I will change my RSVP
  4. Sorry missed the chat as I have be occupied today but not now able to join as have other commitments now.
  5. @Yousef Alimadadithanks for guiding a great drive this morning @Chaitanya Dgreat thanks for helping my daughter’s motion sickness, cooling down my car and inflating my last tyre when my compressor overheated. My hero. Next time I will leave my daughter at home, buy a better compressor and go easier on the car😁
  6. @Rahimdad very sorry to hear this and for any part we played in it. Lesson learnt and I for one will be more careful on future drives and very much look forward to you returning to the sands in the near future.
  7. Sorry Brette. Please can you remove me as I was trying to put my name down without my reading glasses and signed up for two drives.
  8. Thanks to both you and Ale for yesterday. Great fun and I learnt a lot. Hope to see you again soon.
  9. Morning I do have deflator and pressure gauge but no flag or compressor. I have been driving in the desert before but have lots to learn. my car does have tow points front and back and also a winch which has rescued me a few times. looking forward to tomorrow.
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