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  1. @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, It was a pleasure to meet as well. @Janarthan, great to drive under your guidance, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I look forward to many more forces with you in the future.
  2. Hello @Rawadand all other subscribers to this thread, thank you for making me aware of the discussion, it helps a great deal to understand what type of mods are to be considered for the Y62. Bearing in mind that I am just starting my mods, I went as far as I am concerned to the essential. Having said that, I hate the original bumpers with a passion, I can see that it can become a money pit. I have checked into the mods you have undertaken on your car and as you indicated but the 2020 model is still under development. As for my car, I had installed King Front and back coilover shock
  3. @Jeepie, thank you very much for the great pics as well as an extremely pleasant day out. @Brette, thanks a million for the great lead and the good advices. Have a pleasant week end all.
  4. Thank you very much gentlemen, @Ale Vallecchi, there is nothing like the snow mode, great grip in the sand.
  5. Thank you Thank you James, trying to do my best while keeping it fun
  6. Thank you @Zixuan Huang - Charlie for the insight, I will check them out Thank you @Lawrence_Chehimi, I have a bit of time in front of me, I will indeed check them
  7. @Lawrence_Chehimi, just preempting the end of the summer for replacing whatever I will break on my Y62 (the rear and front bumpers start to be tired) @Zed, thanks for the tip, I will check them out. @Gaurav, many thanks, I will drive over there in the next few days and make sure I find the right type of dealer.
  8. Hello all, beside Nissan dealers, does anyone know where to purchase spear parts for a Nissan Patrol? thanks a lot in advance for your replies.
  9. @Frederic and @Kalahari, many thanks for a great drive, good advices and a great mood across the board. It was a pleasure to drive under your guidance.
  10. Thank you to all of you, I’ll try not to deceive anyone. Already looking to the next step of the ladder. See you all on the dunes.
  11. Hello gaurav, Many thanks for the promotion, I will try to make the club proud. I look forward to many future drives with the rest of the gang. @Lakshmi Narasimhan thank you very much
  12. Thank you Lawrence, this is very helpful. It did cost AED 500 to install. Obviously, given the end result, 500 too much.
  13. Now, that's a good question. Why is it I feel dumb again 🤣 I am due to go to the garage tomorrow to learn more about it as it was installed only two weeks again. I will let you know by then
  14. @Ale Vallecchi, thank you so much for your patience and for taking the time to teach how to become a better driver. @Veedooshee and @Mukundan Nair, thank you to you too for your support for what has been a truly enjoyable drive.
  15. I had a kil switch installed on my Y62 (2020) - It messed up completely the electronics, the car set itself in road mode and I got stuck after 200 meters into the desert. After switching off the engine, I switched off the kill switch so that I could change the settings in 4L and engage the Diff-Lock to get out of what would be normally a very easy soft patch but the car would not have it. it would simply do what it felt like, while I felt quite stupid (I most probably looked the par). Only after getting advice from @Ale Vallecchi to change for a random setting (I ended up in snow mode), the ca
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