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  1. Had to drop it as I wont be available at that moment, thank you and have everyone a joyfull and safe ride
  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures @Daniel Rodas,there no damages @Felix Obst because it was just a gentle touch,plus the pop out extended the brake before impact
  3. Thank you everybody for help and support !!! ✌️😎👍
  4. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar @Niki and @Pacific for an amazing drive full of adventure and experience 👍
  5. @Shiju Manuel can't find the garage in Sharjah Al Jazeera for the skid plate,do you have any contact number Thanks
  6. I am definatelly up to the game 🚙 I have patience,I just had a diffrent perspective of intermediate drive with assumtion of a next level of newbie/fewbie drive 😄
  7. Good evening everyone,at the end can somebody confirm if this ride will happen tomorrow or what time will I know for sure tonight?
  8. Hi everyone,just want to check if we do have to deflate the tyres at the meeting point or we should drive somewhere else first thank you
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