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  1. @JeromeFJ- That was an amazing track. It was my first time to be with you while you led the drive @Mike. 2nd lead of the game very well executed, @Benjamin, @Zubair In spite of the fact that it was your first fewbie drive, you guys drove excellent. @Jaro Tuzinsky Although the stuck workout was challenging, but your self-recovery was greatly appreciated. @Brett Eicher, It is a pleasure to see a classic Cherokee and an excellent driven by you @Jonny90, been with you in your earlier drives, u should have enjoyed this drive too. @Joji varghese Since I've been with you for more than 50 drives, I don't know what to say. It shows how much experience and control you have when driving. @Brette, It was really long to see you in desert, no words on the drive, but I'm glad to see you in Beard. New Look Suits you!!!
  2. Congratulations @M.Seidam well deserved ❤️ Hope to drive with you soon...
  3. hi @Frederic i have some personal commitment, so please remove me from this drive. All enjoy the drive and share the images.
  4. thanks you @munkybizness@Anoop Nair@Vaibhav@Jose Thomas@Looper@JeromeFJ @Islam Soliman @M.Seidam@Ranjan Das@Joji varghese@Brette@Mark D@Tom B@Gaurav Soni@Thomas Varghese@Sunil Mathew
  5. Thank you @M.Seidam for a wonderful drive. so exciting, I joined late yesterday evening. It would have been a loss missing this drive. Everybody was at the meeting place on time and we had moved out also at right time, In this climate condition, this is extremely important. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie hope you have a normal overflow on steering oil in your car, nothing major. @Sam K Stunning second lead. All convoy was amazing, all drove well, nice meeting you all.
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