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  1. @M.Seidamhi, just been tested positive for covid, I will be in isolation for 10 days.. I will leave the event unfortunately…
  2. @Frederic hi, I have pick someone at airport late sat night… won’t be able to attend… I have left the event..
  3. @varunmehndirattahi, my car battery died after sat evening drive for some very strange reason, got home quite late.. I won’t be able to attend
  4. @Hisham Masaad hi, unfortunately this evening I had to change my travelling plan on short notice I will be flying out on sat. I will miss this, but looking forward to join when I return in July… regards,
  5. @varunmehndiratta good morning, unfortunately I got flat tyre I am seeing while ready to set off, to replace it will take time. And I won’t have a spare wheel during drive. therefore with deepest regret I have to pull out. see you next time. regards,
  6. @JeromeFJ, with apologies I would like to inform you that I unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this event. Therefore freeing space for someone in waitlist. I hope u don’t mind…. regards.
  7. @Frederic yes you are right it was a typo. That's what I was actually trying to emphasis that I am FB+ Regards,
  8. @GauravSoni I am willing to join, kindly confirm Quick if that's possible, This is my preferred drive as I m FB+ and I would prefer to go on FB+ Drive.
  9. Thanks all for you kind words and well wishes…. 👀 forward to see soon.
  10. @Anish S apologies another personal commitment has come up, I wont be able to attend. Thanks.
  11. @M.Seidam apologies, I am going on afternoon drive which was booked on Sunday, i just worked out the time in btw, and apparently there is only few hr difference by the time I finish the morning and start the next one… Therefore pulling out unfortunately… hope it’s ok with u.. regards,
  12. @M.Seidamthanks for adding me apologies couldn’t respond earlier been quite busy..
  13. Hi Richard @Wrangeld, unfortunately I have a last min travel request, I will be flying out on Friday night, therefore wont be able to attend...
  14. Thanks @Gaurav @Frederic, looking forward for more challenging and exciting drives….
  15. @Zed since u also got y62, and many other members drive Nissan i thought of sharing my experience of how mine got fixed took it to Nissan dealership, they plug-in their computers, and the expression was they synchronised the ABS. It’s was fixed by computer, no parts were changed. what they also said if something of similar nature comes up after desert drive, give it few days and drive on auto and the system will automatically resync all sensors and what ever works with it. I had been driving off road for many years and also had few patrols, but never seen ABS lights in past. regards,
  16. Hi Richard @Wrangeld i see 16th oct being refereed as Friday and in other post as sat For avoidance of any doubt can u kindly confirm if this drive takes place on sat 16th or Friday 15th regards,
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