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  1. Thank you @Islam Soliman, @Davie Chase, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ and all other team members who joined today’s wonderful trip for your guidance, support and patience. I reached home safely and doing good @Islam Soliman It was a great pleasure to drive with you. Today I have learned a lot by doing mistakes. Thank you for correcting me and guide me. Through out the trip you helped me a lot to recover from many stucks. I am extremely thankful for the recovery of my vehicle when it faces some issues @Davie Chase I know my vehicle burned your hand. Sorry for that. Your technical knowl
  2. Hi @Foxtrot Oscar My vehicle engine got some problem today. Not working perfectly. So I can’t make tomorrow’s afternoon drive.
  3. I checked with a technician who works in Nissan Service Center. According to him for 2006 vehicle the Engine rpm will cut at 5500. New Patrol vehicles only need to tune for rpm cut off. So I think mine is in stock condition
  4. Mine is 2006 Patrol LWB and 4.8 VTC. The redline in tachometer starts at 5000 rpm and cut off is at 5500rpm. I heard that new vehicles (not Patrol) will not go above 2000 or 3000 rpm when it is in Parked Gear Condition. I will try to find out with Nissan.
  5. Hi Guys, I brought a 2006 Nissan Patrol Y61 recently. During my visit to a workshop to install pintle hook and recovery points the workshop person said that my vehicle has a cut off at 5500 rpm. As per him my Vehicle ECU is tuned and because of that some engine vibration is coming inside the vehicle at idle condition (when AC is working). I checked with another workshop person regarding this issue and what he is saying from 2005 production Y61 has rpm cut off at 5500 rpm in stock condition. So now I am confused which one is correct. Could anyone please help regarding this issue
  6. Hello @Islam Soliman I would like to join this drive. I have done absolute newbie drive on Sep 24 with @Ale Vallecchi. Based on his valuable suggestions I installed Pintle hook and front recovery points on my Nissan Patrol. I also have compressor with me . Hope I can join this drive
  7. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher sorry for the late reply As per schedule mine vehicle work should be finished today but unfortunately the ordered pintle hook still not arrived The vehicle work May complete only on Saturday or Sunday So I can’t attend the newbie drive on Saturday morning
  8. Hello @Ale Vallecchi Thank you for your kindness Actually I can’t replace my tow hook today. so I thought I will join next drive. but if you are ok I can come tomorrow for seeing the walkie talkie and attend the introduction thank you
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