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  1. @Gok Krish, yes planning to camp inshallah, i will be moving after sunset so probably reach by 9:00
  2. Thank you @Rizwanm2 for today’s Special Drive. The track was amazing, i really enjoyed the fresh sand and the untouched dunes you perfectly chose. Sorry for that desert scar from the tug, I hope you fix it soon. @Tom B, pleasure to meet you today for the 1st time, enjoyed watching you climb that last dune with the roaring LC. @Alexanderrr, pleasure to meet you too for the 1st time, very well driven today @Beide Worku always great to have in the convoy. see you all soon on sand
  3. Thanks @Zixuan Huang - Charlie, very helpful, SWB owners will relate, FJs people are on a different planet 😉
  4. Thank you @JeromeFJ, excited & looking forward to it. I am planning to camp the night before the drive, Any one planning the same? Also, I will have to carry 2 Jerry Cans as per the drive rules, any recommendations for a specific jerry can? Or those red ones sold at the gas stations would do the job Thanks
  5. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, i am sure you ll love this pic😉
  6. Thank you @Carnity Team for organizing this amazing gathering today. My whole family enjoyed it and i loved seeing old and new friends. Should do this more often, gives a different taste & feel to offroading.
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