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  1. Jeh


    Depends on your preferences. There is lot of quality stuff on Insta if you follow the right people for right reasons. For starters if you interested in Photography do follow Natgeo for travel related accounts there are endless options. Again it depends of which part of the world you interested in.
  2. @Sidshk When are you planning to leave. You mentioned 3am. But not the day.
  3. This is actually not advisable. Atleast 2 ppl should be there. The journey is really really long and at times especially during summer, boring. In those 30mins break which you will take make sure do some light exercise to free up your muscles. Make sure atleast one of your friend keeps talking to you, like constantly! . Dont let everyone sleep and you are the only one driving. Especially the passenger next to you should not sleep. There are speed cameras randomly placed so as Gaurav said please dont exceed 140 its not going to make any difference in reaching early. Once you reach that place all your stress will just disappear in thin air. So enjoy the ride and drive safe. True that. Omani drivers are the most hospitable people. No matter which expensive car they are driving they will always stop and ask if your stuck in the mountains or wadis.They will always offer tea if they are camping next to you in the wadis. I have traveled across mountains and wadis in Oman and have really experienced their hospitality first hand.
  4. Posting some pics of the kitten might help others decide.
  5. Unfortunately the CAM print already released online. Reviews are not doing justice to the movie. IS it worth watching in iMAX? Also here is a list of fav cars and all the gals of F&F.
  6. Jeh

    New project

    Wonder if you are talking about your fav food dishes or pets
  7. I have had several arguments with my friends and colleagues in Dubai when i try to explain to them that tap water in Dubai is potable. In fact its a law that if government is providing tap water it has to be potable. "In this region, there is a stigma attached in using municipality water or tap water. But did you know that most bottled water produced in the UAE is from a government or municipality source. So if it says 'bottled water', then it is definitely from municipality source. Therefore, you are already drinking filtered water. And this water is very safe." This is a very interesting and eye opening article in Dubai. And hopefully people will understand the damage the plastic from the bottles is doing to our planet. If one cannot or doesn't want to drink the water at least they can use it for cooking, i have seen people using bottle water even for cooking. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/uae/dubai/no-more-bottles-khaleej-times-pledges-to-use-filtered-water-
  8. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/transport/dubai-sharjah-ferry-service-launched-ticket-timings-free-trip-details
  9. I am not sure about the prices. But you can contact this guy, Harry 0523102218. They deliver battery anywhere in Dubai. He sells exclusively Amaron batteries only.
  10. bced73e80aa5363c8bc247cfc0db21ae.mp4
  11. Wow - look how fast the fire took hold. Fire Engine turned up a few minutes later. Brave young man who rushed to this strangers aid. We were working in office across the road when gentleman pulled over and fire sprang out of his dashboard. Seconds later it was a raging inferno.
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