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  1. @Asif Hussain @Gaurav Thanks for all the help.
  2. @andy_macdxb I would really not recommend Al Nakhala above in sharjah. I used to take my 1999 P38 RR to him and was tricked into paying more than required sometimes. I would highly recommend Al Ranan Garage in the same industrial area. The mechanic's name is Mubashir. He is well versed with Land Rovers. Have been using his service for years now. Al Ranan Auto Elect Workshop Sharjah https://maps.app.goo.gl/KwFxaexmhu3f2NDt7
  3. Thanks! but not really helpful.. aware of musaffah area also the list above. However its a breakdown in the middle of the road, Was expecting some known reliable garage in musaffah area to take the car to quickly.. Surprising to see no response regarding Abu Dhabi garages here..
  4. Pajero breakdown. Battery drained. Possible alternator failure. Need to know any reliable garage nearby. Am stuck in abu corniche area. Next to Abu Dhbai Chamber building.
  5. Both will be fined. LOL.
  6. ... latest technology and people planning space flights... Why do we still have miserable car launches in this era? 15 Foreign Crossovers And SUVs That Were Built To Fall Apart.. https://www.thethings.com/foreign-crossovers-and-suvs-built-to-fall-apart/
  7. A very drunk/sleepy driver on road, almost falling asleep on his steering wheel every 10secs. I almost called the police to complain but saw a police patrol car just behind that guys car.. hence assumed that the cops will stop him. But that was some scary shit.. no idea why the hell he attempted to drive in that state.
  8. Why most of the videos circulated online and whatsapp show only Dubai drowning. No water clogging happened in Abu Dhabi?? Al Ain i am aware has a good drainage system hence most likely no clogging there.
  9. WhatsApp Video 2020-01-11 at 10.22.20 AM.mp4
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