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  1. Here are some options to pick from.
  2. The most important question here is.. Which 4x4 from all the listed above is worth breaking your bank for. When you do things for the love it, money is hardly a factor. So all you enthusiasts and dune lovers why dont you list your fav 4x4 (only one) for which you are ready to bleed from everywhere and yet not ready to sell it for any price( if wife/gf allows i.e .) . I am sure everyone has or have had such a car with whom it was very hard to depart... and you remember every drive in that car and the pleasure it gave inspite of all its error signs and leaks.
  3. Jeh


  4. Yes maybe.. But i read somewhere that it might be something related to the ECU and the speed data not updated between ECUs. Hence someone suggested to do the fuse in and out.
  5. This solution kind of worked. But the major difference was by just fixing all the fuses in the fuse box. Steering wheel oil etc was all right levels.
  6. Brilliant post! Thanks for the detail information! This is going to be very helpful for a lot of people!
  7. I am not sure whether you have heard of Mleiha Museum. http://www.discovermleiha.ae/ It's a great place to visit & very educational for kids as well. The location is very picturesque. Post the visit to the museum you can drive inside a bit and there are small enclosed spaces which are a bit rocky and sandy where you can do BBQ and camp as well. The best part is its only an hours drive from Dubai. https://goo.gl/maps/wrvXAFHSFGR2
  8. Oman is always a great option! Its a beautiful place to explore if you have a 4x4.
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