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  1. Anyone knows a place in Dubai or Sharjah where they offer car wash and car waxing service?
  2. Oil company still very risky, I do save in national bond and recommend same to get slightly better interest rate than bank in the form of dividend and plus chance to win something big (if you are lucky). And yet 100% safe that company is backed by Dubai govt so they wont run away with your hard earn money.
  3. Thanks guys. Happy new year all and may you get best of everything in this year.
  4. How much did it cost?
  5. This chap Prem Thakur, 19 year old has built a car from scrap parts with help of youtube tutorials without any engineering background. What an amazing talent he is got! God bless such soul and give them right sources to harness such talent.
  6. He seems to me an Indian Donald Trump, hungry for name and fame after making lots of money.
  7. Why don't you invite your young friends here, as we are not that old and we can learn things from each other.
  8. Nice concept, I like the Season 0 - testing mode for being fully safe for the future, unlike many other over optimistic companies. Hope this work out and all of their hard work get paid.
  9. I think BMW X6 is the best candidate of how to turn X5 beautifully designed by Chris Bangle into a disaster for the sake of competing with upper league models.
  10. I guess this reserve tank capacity is linked to size of the car, its fuel tank and its fuel consumption depending on the driver foot size. Nice post, very unique way of looking into common issues.
  11. Gaurav, you need to clean that light switch man
  12. Grand Service Center on SZR behind Toyota Building next to first interchange. I think it cost 130 dhs, but they are very nice and professional in service.
  13. This is really good news and first time I am seeing a clarity in this long standing grey area to use or not to use dashcam here. TBH, I think cops here should allow and encourage everyone to use it and freely send the video to Dubai Police for below type of offenders: Cutting 4 lanes horizontally at 120 w/o checking the shoulder Driving in hard shoulders in busy traffic area Swerve all of sudden ahead of you w/o any indication Drive too slow in fastest lane and block traffic flow Tailgate you and blink 100 times in a minute like an ambulance or fire dept.
  14. This indeed is a good design, but it seems a good marriage between Honda City and Honda Jazz design to my eyes after first 5 seconds of starring.
  15. Jaguar too guys.