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As most of you must have noticed I had been away for a while. Guess what I am back. I had the honor of joining and driving with the best last Thursday night on a somewhat challenging terrain which was well managed by all, and now I am itching for some more. So this time keeping in the zone of re-discovering some challenging terrain, I am launching this drive as an exploration of an area I have not explored properly, just been in and out of this area. Sometimes when heading towards Jabal Jais through the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road E311 I have noticed some lip smacking dunes and I was briefly in and it has left me wanting to explore this area further. As it is evident that I am not fully aware of this terrain although all are invited to sign up for the drive, but only the first 10 cars which have the kind of experience to handle such a drive as per my experience will be selected for the drive, no more than 10 cars will be selected. leaving Gaurav Bhai and myself out of the equation there are 8 spots available out of which I would prefer at least 1 more experienced driver to control the convoy in this new terrain.



If interested please sign up for this opportunity to explore and keep your eyes glued to the forum to check if you are the selected one.

Thursday night drive:

Date: 03 August, 2017

Meeting point : Tasjeel Village Sharjah on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road E311 (

Meeting time : 23:00 PM

Plan: Lets drive from the petrol station through E311 till we find an suitable entry spot, deflate and explore the area which seems to be full of exciting dunes and challenges..

Basic recovery equipment such as 2 way radio, flag and air compressor are very important and carry lots of water and some snacks to share on the trip. Absolute compulsory to bring your stories, sense of humor and willingness to learn and follow instructions during the drive.

  1. Rahimdad - 050-6749099
  2. Srikumar - 055 9567471
  3. Asif - 050 6990411
  5. Gaurav - 050 5258706




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Thanks for signing up @skumar83, you are one of my key personal, you are in.

Thanks @Gaurav bhai for your appreciation, just to go with the spirit of exploring and re-exploring lost terrain, I thought this would be appreciated by most people who enjoy the spirit of adventure.

@Asif Hussain you are in too, can't have such an area to explore without your trusty help.

Looks like places are going soon.

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Good point Asif bhai.

@shadow79 please bring some ready to eat food. You are most welcome to join me in my air conditioned Nissan.

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