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Here is the procedure how you can check your fuel filters if they are in functioning state or not:

  1. Fuel filter is like a small cylinder which is inline position to the fuel line.
  2. Fuel fitter consists of paper filter inside it. You need to check the state of that first. If the paper filter is gone dark brown in color and if you cannot see through the paper filter, it means you need to replace it. This condition of the filter is because of the sediments of the gas that is stuck in the filter. It is not goof to be used, so change it.
  3. Open the fuel filter using the flat head screwdriver and pull the fuel line off the filter. Basically you need to check the flow of gas coming out of the filter. To do that, switch on your car (do not ignite) and scan the rate of the gas coming out of the fuel line. You basically need to check the rate of gas flow. If the gas flow is slower than the gas in the engine at engine fuel filter, it means the fuel filter needs to be replaced.



This helps in many ways. Firstly, you get to know the rate at which the gas is coming out from your engine (same can be followed if checking the air filter). Secondly, you can actually change the fuel filter on your own if you do this process. Once you get the knowledge of how fuel filters work and how to scan for any damage, it is way easy to just get it done without going to your dealer or spending money to any local workshop. But, don’t try this if you have never done a DIY process before. Always have a partner when you are scanning the fuel filters who can switch on your car while you are concentrating on the fuel line and gas coming out of it.

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