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    • By Frederic
      in our search to have a decent GPS app to guide us in the desert, today i wanted to review and compare MotionX and Gaia GPS, which are both apps specifically tailored to Off-Road driving or hiking.
      As i had an old Samsung Note 5 laying around which had a very big screen, i decided to use that phone and mount it in my car to use it as a dedicated GPS. Unfortunately when i found out that MotionX is only for IOS platforms, i was forced to look for something else and stumbled upon Gaia GPS.
      In the Youtube tutorial below, this gentleman makes a great comparison and it's worth having a look at:
      As a summary, i come to the following:
      + Completely Free with full functionality
      + Easy to use, set up
      - No Android support
      - No possibility to create multi-bend tracks
      Gaia GPS:
      + Easy to use and set up
      + Customizable Bar Tiles on the home screen
      + Overlay Maps 
      + Possibility to create multi-bend tracks.
      - FREE version only has only 1 basic Topographic map, but the paid version costs 10USD per year that gives full functionality and satellite map. Full Premium Membership costs 30USD for year in case you want to add more maps and resources, but is more tailored to hiking.
      Surely there will be more specific PROS and CONS once having used these programs. Please add them in your replies so we can share our hints and tricks to use these great apps.
      Both apps support map download, so you can download the area in case you have no data coverage in that area, or if your phone simply has no SIM card in it
      So there you have it, two apps which are perfectly capable of doing the things we want them to do for our Off-road adventures in the UAE deserts.
      Do share your questions, suggestions, experiences ! 
    • By Muhammad Ali
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    • By Anvar
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    • By Srikumar
      I have an Acadia 2009 model with the built-in GPS. The maps are loaded by means of a CD which is frankly quite outdated. Would anyone happen to have a newer version of the GPS maps or a place where I can download the latest maps. 
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