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21 minutes ago, Abdul Mueed Mohammed said:

I have just joined, i have recently purchased a new ford explorer ST. I was looking forward to go off road. Not sure if this car up for it. 

@Abdul Mueed Mohammed hello mate.
Ford Explorer is a capable car with the 'sand mode'; I started off-roading with my Explorer 2014 model.
However, the ground clearance is not great, it is not a 4x4 without low gear, and you WILL get stuck.

My suggestion - try the Explorer on flat sand and small dunes - you will enjoy the drive.
Dont try to take in deeper into the desert, unless you are looking at some serious modifs.

Could you share a pic of your on-road beast? LOL


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Totally agree with @Imteeaz views on Ford Explorer, with limited ground clearance, and no low gearing, it's good for the beach or flat sand areas and not through the dunes.

We have had many Ford Explorers in the past whose owners "just wanted to try" on Absolute Newbie drives and we have never seen them back in the same car again. Either the front bumper was damaged, the car overheated, stuck in weird places, etc.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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8 minutes ago, Abdul Mueed Mohammed said:

Sorry for asking redundant questions but what is your take on expedition. @Gaurav @Imteeaz

Ford Expedition is way too heavy for some dunes, but overall it's much better than Explorer.

However, if you know off-roading Expedition is quiet capable on big dunes, due to the powerful engine. I had a friend who used to drive Expedition for good 2 years and nothing wrong happened except the side airbag popped on the higher level drive (he cud've pulled the fuse).

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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@Abdul Mueed Mohammed, ground clearance and power ratios don’t always tell the full story off-road. They ensure that if you keep moving, you can keep moving.

for example, if you compare the angles of approach, departure and break over, the Pajero will deliver better off-road readiness versus the Explorer ST.

Pajero GLS vs Explorer ST

Approach: 36 deg vs 21
Departure: 25 vs 22
Breakover: 22.5 vs 17
Wheelbase: 2780mm vs 3022mm

Approach angle on the Explorer is a key issue as @Gaurav has mentioned above that will require extensive bumper cutting to improve. With such a low angle you will not be able to ascend up sharp faces or step style dunes. The break over angle when combined with the larger wheelbase will mean that you will significantly increase your chances of getting crested on dune ridges.


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