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  1. Wondering why seat belts are always black or darker colour like dark grey and why not matching with upholstery colour or contrast?
  2. Can someone pls donate me points, cant access the site
  3. I been to al qudra lake few times, but never in evening or late hours. Anyone know what are the al qudra lake visiting time and how late we can be there. I have a sportage, but I never went to al qudra lake location in my car, do you guys think will it be ok or I need to go with my friends 4x4 to access through al qudra desert?
  4. brandan


  5. I agree Amaron is too difficult to find for some car brands as they dont have full range of size and terminals amgles for all cars
  6. flipping the bird has a fine for 2000 dhs, if i rem correctly. Try if you are rich enough
  7. You are wrong. I mean for using left indicator in fast lane while tailgating someone to tell them move away Still wrong to honl or do faster flash to scrae driver in front. Those exception you can report to dubai police and they will call the driver to warn and behave without any fine but still works as i call them once to report reckless guy swevring lanes like a snake and 5 minute later after the call he become fine Not a good way to drive
  8. Honking the horn - right way 1 or 2 quick short beep - friendly way to remind the driver to gain attention if he is lost on mobile on redlight while it turns green 2 short beep + 2 short beep is enough for some annoying driver to give them a chance to start behaving on road Long constant horn is outright rude and it should be only used to avoid a collision or in some extreme cases The correct way to use headlights 1 or 2 quick flashes is enough to let the car ahead of you know to clear the way from overtaking (passing) lane Constant flashing is considered rude and should only be used when you spot something seriously wrong in the car in front of you If someone does constant flashing behind you means pull over and check your car from all sides unless you were blocking them Brake light signaling 2 to 3 quick brake light signals if someone is too close to you to tell them back off in a civilized way 2 to 3 brake light signals followed by constant brake light means slow down fast as traffic ahead is moving slowly Constant brake light means to hold your steering tight and slow down very fast as traffic ahead is not moving at all Turn indicators - correct usage You should use them at least 20 - 30 meters ahead of your turn You should use them at least 40 - 50 meters ahead of changing lanes You should NOT use left turn indicator on the fast lane to intimidate others Flasher or double indicator - the real meaning Only to be used in case of emergency stopping or slowing down suddenly on the fast-moving road for a short while Can be used one quick blink to say thanks for sharing the lane, hi and bye to your friends and family on the road NEVER meant to be used on rainy or foggy days, as it will not let you indicate your turn intention and cause accident
  9. Most of the developed countries are encouraging the car sharing or even the ride (taxi) sharing ideas now so that they can reduce the traffic, pollution, reduce emission, reduce use of natural resources etc. I humbly request RTA and Dubai Police to find a better way to deter crime or abuse possibility than this blanket rule. Everyday during morning and evening office hours we see over 90% cars with single person inside means, not good. Possibility of using the public transport is a good idea, but it need to be capable in handling end to end solution and not take 1 hour instead of 15 mins drive. Carpooling with friends and colleagues should be allowed if they are living in same or nearby area and going to work in same office.
  10. I got that one without any promise to share, good luck to all
  11. So most auto giants have one company below average and at least one above their standard, nice strategy to skim all type of people.
  12. Get a life guys https://youtu.be/8jdh-Psq3Ec
  13. V6 stopped in 2007-8 and since then Grand is grand enough on 4 wheels and 4 cylineders
  14. Very interesting read here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180501161803.htm
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