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  1. Wowww. Interesting to see dead thread all of sudden alive from all the way back in 2017. Just to update on few important things. After visit to various shops and mechanics my original problem was "Damage to differential". Initially no-one could identify the problem but once it was identified it was matter of changing damaged one (got damaged probably during one off-road tour while hitting some hard rock) with a new one (actually used one from another land-cruiser). I did change tyres later to "Geolandar A/T-S" and they worked quite well. And then finally changed the car altogether ...... :)
  2. My first car was Land Cruiser 2002 model. Loved the car due to its classic "GCC looks" as well as massive power from 4.4 Liter fuel hungry V6 engine. Had some issues with the wiring and some electrical stuff so had to sell-off just two months from purchase date.
  3. Paid AED 32,000 from May 2015 till date. So almost 9100 AED a year as an average.
  4. I have had a great experience with one of the simple garages recently. They are "CHAMPIONS SPEED" in Al-quoz and offer excellent service for a very reasonable cost. I had big issue related to differential and got changed from them with complete satisfaction.
  5. Current: 2013 FJ Cruiser GXR 4.0 Liter Future: Nissan Patrol Super Safari (2013 model upwards) 4.8L VTC Super safari in my opinion is the king for off-roading especially the latest 2017 model made especially for middle eastern market.
  6. Dear Members, I am now in serious need of help / advice regarding my FJ now. Since my last visit to Al-Futtaim automall service center in Deira, it has been hell for me. First there were some issues of vibration and some metallic noise and then got an expensive fix from the same service center. I was mad for the fact that "AFTER" the complete and comprehensive service was done why anything was missed. Anyhow that passed. Then I had issue of tyres which by your kind suggestions (in my last topic), I got "Geolandar A/T" and were doing fine. (4 brand new tyres). Now just yesterday during a normal road drive, all of sudden I felt some vibrations. Thing didn't seem right all of sudden and I immediately pulled over to hard shoulder. Upon inspection and trying to restart the car, the engine will start but car won't move an inch. Had to call the recovery and the car once AGAIN lies at al-futtaim. I was literally having my blood boil that after spending almost 10k (full service + previous repairs + tyres), I am back to zero. So I had to once again rent a car and now completely on mercy of al-futtaim again. Kindly suggest me a way out as I don't know what to write or ask here based on above experience. Thanks and Many Regards
  7. Thanks brother @Gaurav for very detailed write-up on choosing good tyres for my car. Also many thanks @desertdude for opening by eyes about Al-Futtaim. I am having my servicing ONLY through them since i purchased car and they always seem to be very pricey. Don't want to mention figures but i almost never had service below 4 digit figures. Whatever they tell me to replace or upgrade i immediately comply and still I am having mess with tyres and changed so many. I really feel scammed sometimes. One final request to very kind members, please give me information about really good and trustworthy garage where I can always go. Surely based on combined experience of members there should be some trustworthy places to go. As of tyres I will finalize "Geolandar A/T-S" and hopefully they will last at least 40-45k km.
  8. Thank you very much @Rahimdad and @Barry for suggestions. Actually wearing issue happened to me twice and I am always having my service from Futtaim AutoMall. I told them about the issue. They carried out alignment and balancing for wheels and also checked if something was rubbing against the inner wall but found nothing. Was quite strange for me unable to find out apparent reason. Now I am up for changing to off-road tyres as they have stronger and more durable tread patterns. It was also suggested by Futtaim guys. My choice is GoodYear tyres. Any other suggestions of tyres esp for off-road are welcome. Also please suggest any good garage which can be fully trusted. In high-quality garages I know of "max" only but they are too pricey even for small jobs.
  9. Dear Members, Please suggest me some good quality off-road tyres from any famous and reliable brand. I have been unfortunate enough to change 3 pairs of tyres (total 6 tyres) within last one year due to unknown reasons. And tyres are a thing you can't argue with supplier or service center or anybody for that matter. I am currently having "Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G-051 275/65 R17" Tyres on all wheels (photo attached). But these are all-terrain and I really don't know why i had issues with inner side getting rubbed much faster and killing the tyres in small span. Need some good suggestions based on your expertise and experience. Thanks & Regards
  10. As per my observation, rough or non-proper parking mostly is intentional especially for guys having top of the range SUVs like G-wagon, Patrol, Range rovers etc. only to show that they don't give a damn about some colorful lines on road (same goes for their behavior of yellow lines on road while driving). Being an FJ guy I haven't seen many FJs parked improperly. I don't know about other general trends based on brands but i strongly believe there is sense of power and show-off when it comes to rough parking in this part of world.
  11. Thank you @cyborg and @Rahimdad. The strip doesn't seem to be an important accessory as such but definitely makes a major dent on overlook look and feel of vehicle. I want to buy it from anywhere but want a very strong and good fixing as the original reason why it is not there is that it wasn't fixed properly after removing some small dents on side door (had a stupid accident after somebody hit me from side). While i was roaming in ras al khor industrial area yesterday, some guys told me to buy the strip and they will fix using silicon or something like that and it will never fall. I will check also with Max Garage as they had been good to me for my last visit and seem very professional. Will see if they can be of any help else will go to naif or purchase the strip online and get fixed from some good guys.
  12. Hello everybody, Would appreciate if somebody can tell me from where can i buy as well as get fixed the logo strip on side door of FJ-Cruiser. I got fj2k13 and want original logo strip. Thanks and regards.
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