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  1. Osman

    Sharjah to Salalah

    Thanku v much for ur advice @Gaurav
  2. Osman

    Sharjah to Salalah

    @Asif Hussain I agree with u 100% But due to some reasons, i can go there only n only before ramzan. After that it will be impossible for me... Thanks Share ur experience plz.. How are roads till end? Fuel stations are easily available? Any extra information...?
  3. Osman

    Sharjah to Salalah

    thanks for your reply @Gaurav went through the topic above, v helpful... im planning to go in last week of april.
  4. Osman

    Sharjah to Salalah

    As the title says, I am planning a trip to salalah on my ASX. tell me what should i keep in mind before this loooooooong drive: -tires are almost 3 to 4 thousand run only -recently oil change -brake pads change -air filter is new -spare wheel is also always ready what other things to keep in mind... other than getting ready my car, any general advice for the trip? how are the roads till there? fuel stations/ restrooms in the way? etc etc
  5. Hi, I know few places from where i can have duplicate key with immobilizer for my car, but from where I can get duplicate remote control ? can anyone suggest any person/ shop/ place? coz I saw few you tube vdos and its possible... @Gaurav @berry
  6. Hi, i know im replying late. but may be it help others having similar problem. i bought used mitsubishi ASX 2013, it started giving same problem.. AC light used to blink, and then when i switch off and switch on the AC, it used to work good for some time. but after some time (randomly) it used to do same. I studied it alot then, belt slipping, bad compressor clutch and many other things on internet........ took it to a mechanic here in sharjah... there the problem didnt occur....he asked me to leave the car there, to which i refused...then i asked him to check the AC gas...he said the gas is ok..no problem...then i asked him to check the gas with meter... and guess what...the gas was low...and he drained the gas...and filled again....and Alham dullilah, till date (its been almost 9 10 months), that problem never happned again...even in scrochin heat, the AC works flawless..... so get ur ac gas checked, coz gas pressure loss in a 2 3 year old car is not uncommon...
  7. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    lower variant has 215 65 16
  8. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    So insha Allah I am going for tyre change this saturday. following are the rates I found on different shops on phone. All are 2017 manufactured with size 215-65-R16 Nexen 270/ pc Kumho 320/pc Hankook 325/pc Dunlop 350/p Yokohama 375/pc I am inclined to Nexen...but can anyone give me personal experience about kumho? one more thing, what to do with old tires? @Sidshk @Gaurav @sarinc
  9. Osman

    Car Battery Replacement

    AC Delco batteries are good too. Try them... Got one for my ASX in aug
  10. Osman

    Reverse won't engage

    Dexol automatic gears and al hoorani automatic gears are expert for transmission problems.. Google map them for the location and reviews
  11. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    thanku v much for your reply. i will double chk the size and yes nexen are good tires... my car at home country has nexen and they are v good. though they are r12.
  12. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    Checked on google, gulf coast has not got that much good reviews. But I will definitely go there and will have market survey before changing tyres. thanks for your replies.
  13. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    checked on google reviews are just ok, there r few bad comments as well. but will surely have a market survey before final decision thanks for ur replies.
  14. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    thank u v much for your reply. one more question...can u refer any reliable tire shop in sharjah. if not in sharjah then any shop in dubai...
  15. Osman

    Tyres for ASX

    front are hankook rear are general tyre 215 65 R 16 all four tyres must hv been same but i got them from first owner like this...