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Car Export from UAE to Oman- Complete Procedure


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Hello everyone, As title says, I will try to provide all information regarding Car transfer from UAE to Oman. Since many people have done it but I couldn’t find any blog/ forum with its explanation.


So all this started when I got job in Oman.

Since there are less options for second hand cars in Oman and my car was in good very condition too, so I took the decision and decided to take my car along with me here. Because its better to keep your car rather selling it on loss and buying again in Oman.


So all below information is only my personal experience, any one other may has different experience, or rules may change in future…if you feel anything is missing, just let me know I will add in main post…


Lets start now.... 


In general main steps are;


  • Land in Oman
  • Get residency card
  • Get a license
  • Get debit/ credit card from any Oman based bank
  • Come back to UAE and export car to Oman (REMEMBER: you have to keep your UAE visa valid, otherwise .......you won’t be able to come back :-) )


Details are as follows:


  • Get residence card in Oman (it takes only one week for it).
  • Get any credit/ debit card from any Oman based bank (this is must must… otherwise you will be in trouble, Oman custom guys will never accept UAE based bank debit/ credit card for payment, and there is no option for cash payment)
  • Apply for license, for license it was to my surprise that there is no Automatic license in Oman. You have to have a manual license, luckily I had Saudi manual license, so I surrendered it and got Oman manual License. In case you have UAE automatic car license, you will have to go through Driving test procedure in Oman.
  • After getting license come back to UAE, either by road or by air. By road, Mawaslat buses take 8 to 10 Omani rial and in 6 to 7 hrs you reach dubai. By air its 45 mins air arabia flight from Muscat to Sharjah.


Since I exported car from Sharjah, so will explain steps in Tasjeel Sharjah, I hope Dubai and Abu Dhabi will have similar steps.


  • Go to Tasjeel along with your mulkiya & license and car obviously… J
  • At entrance tell counter guy that you want EXPORT TEST… (don’t forget to mention). He will provide you a small slip stapled to your mulkiya mentioned “Export Vehicle” on it.
  • Export test booth is behind booth 12 of normal testing booth.
  • A guy there will take your mulkiya and will enter few details in system and will ask you to go inside. In actual there will be no test…..
  • Remove number plates, go inside tasjeel building. (as far as I remember I was asked to go direct to counter 10 without any token).
  • A lady there will take 100 dh for test (which actually didn’t took place J)
  • Then you have to take insurance till UAE border, it was for 210 dh in my case with validity of two weeks.
  • Take token from main counter mentioning them that you have to export car to Oman.
  • On your turn, your mulkiya will be kept and a paper having details for you and your car will be provided. Hand over your number plate at that counter and pay 170 dh for export sticker.
  • REMEMBER: you have to mention every one at counter that you will be driving car yourself to Oman. Generally they assume that car will be taken on truck…..
  • So you will be provided with 2 blue color export stickers which you have to paste at both ends of your car.. now you are good to go out of UAE.


There are two border posts to enter in Oman, Al Ain border and Hatta border. If you want to go to Muscat, choose Hatta border. Or just google map your destination in Oman, wherever map takes you… follow it… J




  • After crossing first security check post…
  • Second check post which is actually an immigration counter, tell them about car export.. They will ask you to park car at left and go to other building. So park your car at road side after crossing 2nd check post and move to building named “Khatem maleha Boder Custom Service”.
  • At Khatem maleha building, mention them again about car export, they will make a paper call “Bayaan” for your car. Its basically valuation of your Car to be exported. You will be asked about your car value, Very carefully mention them your car value, because based on that value you will be paying 5% Custom Duty in Oman. Pay 130 dh there. (cash is accepted)
  • After bayaan, go to immigration counter again, since your car has already crossed that check post, so you will have to join the guys who are standing in queue to get their passports stamped (mostly they are truck drivers from UAE who are exporting items to Oman). Pay 35 dh there (Only Card payment, no cash).
  • You will be provided a small slip. Now you are all done in UAE. Show that slip to next check post and exit UAE.



Get back into your car and move towards Oman border.




Main steps are:

  •  Passport control
  • Car insurance
  • Custom duty payment
  • Custom Police verification/ signing
  • Border crossing


  • Go to Passport control, show your residence card, he will stamp on passport and will provide you small slip.
  • Go to insurance office, its just adjacent to passport control caravan. Take insurance. For me it was 13 rial for two weeks.
  • Next step is Custom Payment, usually there are few agents (called PRO there) moving around to catch any customer, they belong to different Custom Clearance Companies…. So one guy took me to a caravan where there were many Custom Clearance Companies.
  • You have to pay 5% of Custom Duty, 10 rial some documents fee plus Service fee for that Custom agent.
  • You will be provided with some papers and will be asked to go to Custom Police office which is at bit distance (go in your car there).
  • Police will enter details in system and will ask to go back again to Custom agent. Take your car back from same track.
  • Custom agent will give you some Colored paper. And will ask you again to go to same Custom Police…. J
  • Police (its actually a border Custom Police) will sign those papers and you can exit Oman then…


So while on exit from Oman you have to show that paper signed by Custom Police to security person, then he will ask search you car.. will let you go…


So you are in Oman now…. Enjoy your drive till your destination…

Get your car registered in Oman after insurance.. and enjoy……


REMEMBER; When you are going to put the export sticker, put a paper or a card behind it in a way that only 1 to 2-inch border of the sticker is stuck to the car. Because while registering my car here in Muscat, the Police guy at the counter asked me to handover those stickers to him. And it took me time and effort to put off those stickers.

Its adhesive was pretty strong, and a sticker is of plastic flexible material. So while you will try to pull it off, it will be deshaped due to elasticity and its adhesive will be stuck to the bumper and trunk lid area. However a major portion of that bad looking adhesive was hidden behind new plates, but for visible marks, I will have to put hot water on it for removal.

So better not to stick a complete sticker on the front bumper and rear trunk lid area.



  This is very much similar to UAE

  •  Get the car insurance (prices are bit lesser as compared to UAE)
  • Go for Car Inspection in Vehicle Registration Office (only difference in UAE and Oman inspection I found that here in Oman, they check front and rear axle by keeping a car on some vibrating plates for few seconds, and those plates vibrate vigorously, I think it is to check the ability of axle to withstand vibrations)
  • Pay for plates and registration (mention plate size at registration counter)
  • Make a payment which is Card Only, NO CASH…(for me it was 38 rial for first-time registration which will be 23 rials next year as per that Police guy at the counter)
  • Get your mulkiya from there within a few minutes
  • Get the plates from an outside small office
  • Get them fixed (1 rial)……..and you are done…….
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29 minutes ago, Jeh said:

Brilliant post! Thanks for the detail information! 

This is going to be very helpful for a lot of people! 

Actually when I couldn’t find this procedure online and asked many people for correct information…cc at that time I decided that I will be putting it on Carnity so maximum people will be benefited.

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  • Osman changed the title to Car Export from UAE to Oman- Complete Procedure
  • Jeh pinned and unpinned this topic

Thank you @Osman for taking your precious time to post such a descriptive post. This is very useful information that will help several people. Looking forward to many posts from you sharing with us your experiences with car ownership and your passion for cars.

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Excellent post with so much detailed explanation and procedure to help others.

A true example of helping others and setting a new standard for people who can't find info and then don't post a thing after their self-discovery session. 

You've earned a HUGE RESPECT for your great contribution @Osman


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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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4 hours ago, Gaurav said:

Excellent post with so much detailed explanation and procedure to help others.

A true example of helping others and setting a new standard for people who can't find info and then don't post a thing after their self-discovery session. 

You've earned a HUGE RESPECT for your great contribution @Osman


Thank you very much for your kind words @Gaurav

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  • 2 years later...
13 hours ago, Ammar Naji said:

Hi Osman

Any limitations on the age of the car? Example cannot be more than 10 year old etc.


Thanks in advance


I hav heard that expats are not allowed to export car older than 10 years... 

No idea about exact rule though... 

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  • 2 years later...

Hi Osman brother,

I am planning to move my range Rover Evoque 2013 Model from Abudhabi to Muscat . Can you please answer the below queries .

1 . Would it be allowed to transfer a car which is 10 years old ? ( as my car is 2013 model ) 

2. Is it allow not to get exchange your automatic UAE driving license with Oman driving license ?? ( As you posted in 2018  , we were allowed to exchange only manual license )


thanks in advance 

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