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  1. @WiLfY 🤔 Last guess from my end bro.
  2. The guy with the Rav4 🤔 sorry cant get his name.
  3. Wow it's amazing to see 20 different nationalities speaking a common language known as Carnity. Cheers to @Gaurav and @Rahimdad for making this dream a reality.
  4. Wow congrats Gaurav bro and Team Carnity all the hard work has payed off finally. As we say in Uae Mabrook ya habibi.😘👍🍻
  5. Car checks get as tricky as compared to a innocent person who has a very simple face and look but the mind is a devils workshop. Most of used car dealers keep the cars perfect from the exterior body line is clean and looks as good as new but the main things to check out is the engine and the wiring as I have come across some cars in uae with chassis being cut and welded from centre. That's 1/2 car body attachment. Also we see a lot of vehicles who's engine has been changed or even gear box so when you take this vehicle for passing the rta guys will ask you to go back to the showroom or service centre of the particular brand and get that verified and need a company stamp on documentation. I suggest it makes sense in paying 500dhs or whatever charges and get the vehicle checked before buying it. Cause once you have purchased it then you are forced to use it is the same way it is.
  6. Hi guys after a lot of research and development @Eric Pereira found the solution to opening the lock. there is a locking system inside the panel which needs to be opened by drilling a hole. Used the drill bit which is used to drill hole in bumpers for parking sensors works just right as shown in the picture below. After doing that the lock was visible and we managed to open it. Incase you feel that the lock doesn't look good you can swap it with the below glove box lock as seen in the below pic.
  7. Belated birthday wishes @Javier M Stay blessed always
  8. Mine was a 2000 model lumina ss Bought it in 2011
  9. Please Google for Dexol contact numbers and check with them every vehicle has a different price depends on what car you drive.
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