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  1. I am not sure but what I have heard from technical workshop is even 6 mm is fine. Thicker skid plate has is less prone to bend and Skid plate should absorb the hit rather other body parts. Like how modern cars absorb the hit and causes low damage to passengers unlike old cars. I am not sure, but it is a point worth having a thought. Please correct in someone having other thought
  2. Hello Everyone, Pajero has little engine oil leak and garage has asked to change the engine real oil seal. Seal price is around 75 aed, original in umm ramool spare part shop. Garage has given quotation of around 2000 AED and saying need to remove gear box as well thats why it will take lot of time thats why labour charge is high. Please advise is this right or is there any other solution.
  3. Hello Everyone, My car has lot of steering vibration above 100. I checked with garage . He advised me to change upper arm as bushing is worn out. Tyres are also worn out at edges for sure. So even if I change the tyres problem wont solve in fact it will damage new tyres. I checked the parts, company do not sell only bush. So I need to buy complete upper arm assembly which around 350+. There are some bushing available in market but not the original one. The seller said bushing is around 40 aed and quality is good. Garage is saying it wont fit in arm properly and those can worn out soo
  4. @Wrangeld I do not know your car tyre size. 235/70/R16 in ATS is available in tyre express ras al khor in enoc petrol station.
  5. @Sinol I got the spal fan from Al ras spare part ajman. Check Al ras( thery have 3 shops in uae), Arctic spare part(please check for push fan, last time they gave me pull fan). You should get different sizes. Call them before going as most of the time they are out of stock of push fan. 12" fan should cost you around 180-200 in these shops. If you go to official distributor of spal fans which is Ampex engineering will cost you the same 12" fan at around 270 aed There are other low price fans (around 50 aed) in market but I heard they are not good. Please read earlier message in which
  6. Thanks you @Emmanuel for the wonderful drive. It was well organised drive.I was in a bit of thoughts on how will the fewbie plus goes as it was my first drive. But later got more confident and comfortable with it,
  7. Thank you @Frederic. I can say this compressor is perfect then.
  8. Hey, I used the compressor today. It is fast. And I think with 5 yrs warranty. I didn't use remote. The only thing which bothered me is these king of compressors, shows high PSI when connected and on as soon as I switched it off with still connected to tyre, it was showing right reading. I need to recheck it tomorrow. We both are in fewbie drive tomorrow. You can check it.
  9. Yes. Looks like more pajero's in carnity as well as more MM compressors hahaha 😛
  10. I have also bought it yesterday. Those guys are friendly. Explained well and very coperative. Yes it has remote. We can switch on & switch off with remote. Its different feature than other compressor with similar or even higher price. And looks like this compressor has better heat resistance hose. It is faster 16 L /min. I will see how it works on friday. They mentioned the 5 years warranty on invoice. And it is mentioned on box as well. They have mild steel SKID plates as well which will be almost 30% costly than aluminium plates. Its better than aluminium and looked very nice
  11. Yes they call it is rapid or easy tyre deflator. You will get lot of video's on you tube. it is quite simple. This works in similar concept of removing valve just an additional process of screwing and unscrewing the deflator gauge to tyre nozzle to remove and fix the valve.
  12. No problem at all @Rahimdad. I have learned many things from you all. Your suggestions are always welcome. Thank you @Gaurav Will work on the suggestions given by you.
  13. Guys, I have similar issues but not to this extent where it immediately heats in traffic. Never happened like this. But temp increased above 50% for 4 to 5 times in last 1 year only when car is ideal in extreme outside heat. In fact last week after little heating may be 55% I switched off the car and went home came back in 5 mins and then I saw heat gauge was on almost at 70%. As per the above threads, I checked 1. Fluid levels are ok 2. When engine is off- Fan hardly rotates when tried to push it by hand. It move like max to max quarter to half rotation. 3. After engine s
  14. 1. Ravon has very good offer and this has 5 years warranty as well. 2. Bush ranger from ACE has only 1 year warranty in UAE. 3. Iron man also giving 160 L compressor ( photo attached) @ 799 with digital tyre pressure guage and tyre repair kit. On website it is mentioned as1 year warranty but in shop they are saying 3 years warranty. Among all these I feel RAVON is good option to buy as it has deflator and high speed as well as 5 years warranty.
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