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  1. Is it ok to use front Bumper guard instead of front bash plates. Please advise.
  2. Hello Everyone I am looking for MG RX 5 Tail light assembly for right side as it is broken now. Agency price is very high. Does anyone know where can I get it at cheapest price.
  3. Dubizle has their own services where they do sell the car on behalf of seller and they charge for their service to seller. They do the full check up as well and Their counter is in Al Barsha RTA. And I think they have their garage behing RTA al barsha testing centre. So they charge for report if buyer wants to see it. All these cars comes under verified ad's. We can see mentioned as Dubizzle pro in front of that ad.
  4. @Janarthan Its good to do full check which dubizzle does. I think the same thing is covered in RTA comprehensive test. But I don't think its worth paying 400 AED for car which is around 5-6k. I would go to trusted garage to check which can be around 100 AED. And they will tel you what and all is required as well. Now a days even the garage people have the computer device which tests electronics and issues e.g. recently we did 1 test for Dodge charger and it said left rear tyre pressure gauge is faulty. I would definitely recommend comprehensive as well garage when it comes to paying higher price. ( And even checking service history in respecting car dealers service centre.
  5. Hello Everyone, Please see this simple arrangement to hold the flag pole. Its the cheapest one. It made by using the U bolt and an angle. I am sure it will hold the flag properly. It is less than 10 AED. There are flag pole and flag available at 50 AED in dragon mart. Please see the shop photo It is just opposite the S & D shop mentioned earlier by Frederic. The flag is light weight and very slim. It is 2 mtr/6.5 ft.So total cost will be less than 60 aed for all this. Please see photos below. The spring in photo comes with Flag pole. I had fixed this to U bolt and angle so I can just screw and unscrew the flag pole. Hope it will help
  6. @Gaurav Thanks for this information. They can fix these front plates for Pajero. 850 AED. 6mm. Can do in 8 mm as well. I havent yet fixed it. Looks like better option. Please suggest if anyone has any other view.
  7. Guys check out this X terra I think its nice. Fully nissan serviced. Hi! I have found this ad on dubizzle. Have a look! https://tnydu.biz/DOyaCY I think it will sell soon.
  8. Any advise on where can I get the plates fixed at affordable/cheapest price.
  9. @Srikumar Please see the images below of tow bar I have it for my Pajero. Do you still stink I should have plates?
  10. Many of the car like this which dont have number are with private dealer. They just buy the car and clean it change the tyres so it looks new but I think they are not original ones. They dont check it properly before buying. They just check if it is repainted by magnet kind of device. I would highly prefer to buy the car from direct owner. And can see who were the users and how long they used it. And most probably its real kms. I had very bad experience where car model was around 2012 or something and front bumper was from old model. Also chasis number on door and cockpit were different. I always suggest to go for latest models in line with budget.
  11. I follow the used car a lot. I spend quite a long time on internet looking for used cars and off road videos. I can see there is drop in car sales as car are on sale for a quite a long time and not being sold may be chances that seller don't want to negotiate. On the contrary the cars like you had mentioned are quite less in market to sell. So if you want to buy the car and get to know any good condition car then grab it. Make sure to negotiate well.
  12. @Chaitanya D Hi, I think X terra is better option than pathfinder. It has good ground clearance. More power than Pathfinder Latest model than pathfinder and TJ There are many who use's X terra. And I have seen it doing extremely well in desert.
  13. Hello Bro, Sorry I a little weak in GPS. But when I opened it in google the shop photo looks correct. I think tomorrow I will see if this small bracket works and then you can go for it.
  14. Actually I am very lazy as far the it is regarding the things I don't like to do like Gym, Cooking, exercise. I actually hate kitchen work specially cleaning utensils, so for few days kept on ordering from outside restaurant's but later I started cooking at home. And I think, now I can prepare food better than earlier and looks like started taking interest in cooking 😝 I repeat the menu after few days and surprisingly taste keeps on changing so I would call it as a creativity 😂
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