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  1. Thank you @edouard for your reply. I will check both the things.
  2. Hello, @MisterPoet did you found solution on steering grinding noise. I am also having this issue. Please advise.
  3. Thanks Rahim and Sri Kumar for your post. Can you advise good garage who can give me solution on this problem.
  4. Hello Guys, I am joined carnity today. I have 2013 , 3.8 Pajero. Every time I accelerate my car there is sound from rear end like jerk or back lash sound, specially in traffic where we need to accelerate the car more often. I checked with 2 garages. They said this is common 4X4 cars specially pajero's. They are not able to give what exactly this sound and how to rectify this. Is this noise common in all pajero's. Please advise. Thanks, Rohan
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