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  1. Dear @Ale Vallecchi I can't make it today due to unfortunate reason, am still trying to finish early to catch the drive... Kindly accept my apologies if I can't make it Thank you
  2. Dear @Shamil and Team Am really sorry got urgent work duty for tomorrow, am sorry will not be able to join the drive Sorry again for the late notice Thank you
  3. Congratulations @Shamil for your first official managing ride, Well deserved, how you are supporting and experiencing well earned, I was not able to catch this drive, kindly if there is a free slot add my name, I RSVP to one of the Newbie drives but will be very happy to join this fewbie drive if someone is not coming Thank you
  4. Congratulations @Wrangeld and @Jeepie Well deserved!!!!
  5. @Wrangeld Thank you for the detailed comprehensive trip report - and all your efforts during the ride
  6. Thank you @Wrangeld for amazing informative report actually you and @Jeepie made a great job helping everyone and keeping all safe, you didn't spare an effort to come fast and support for any refusal / stuck, and in this hot weather you where ready with your Shevle to help me and others, @Gaurav nothing is compared to driving in this area under the lead of Gaurav, you always ready to come back and reroute to help all newbies in their first desert drive - and as always carnity family never spare an effort to help people, once you found Landcrusier stuck by himself in the middle of the desert you announced on the radio and the full convoy stand on standby mode till you helped them to recover even by tow rope and pulling them out (power of Pajero) @bunty_and_pops great job for swep making sure no one is left behind Clumping dune that big was a great chance for me after two or three un succssesful attempts and thank you all for being patient - During sunset and night drive was amazing and very enjoying with the cooling breeze around us After 3 month away because of this COVID driving back and hitting the dunes was maximum enjoyment for me Thank you all who for this drive and specially I would like to thank all drivers who stayed in their cars as we all returned back home safe and not even worried about this bad virus
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