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  1. Am driving my stock Prado for almost 2 years offroading perfectly, I fully agree on the side clips of the bumper but all what you need is as mentioned just trim the bumper and have more holding for it Prado has a stock engine protector at the bottom of the car, sure Skid plate is a good add on but from my experience with Prado its not a must Lifting 2'' is a great you can use King lifting kit which is perfect for Prado, some are using Fox but I can say KING is the best Never think of metal bumper it will add weight and will not pass RTA
  2. @Chaitanya D great lead and wonderful enthusiasm drive, you manged the ride by scaling from easy to moderate as the convoy moves ahead, you didn't spare an effort to come back whenever needed to help and support drivers, going through Margham desert with beautiful sights seeing was amazing, am used for your fewbie drive but was amazed how you managed this newbie one @Anish SS as always, you managed center forward position in professionalism of leaders you know perfectly how to help and support drivers to maintain safety @AlexPolour first ride together, you made it perfectly for 2nd
  3. Any updates which Radio channel we will be using?? @Gaurav looking forward to drive again with you after long time
  4. @Ale Vallecchi Hi Ale,, any chance for tomorrow ride, kindly let me know if any of the drivers dropped am ready to join
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