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  1. This was extreme for sure! At times more INSANE than extreme. Nearly 90 km through hectic climbs, high-speed crossings when climbing at full RPM in 1st gear, non-stop concentration from the word go. Thanks for the exhilarating lead @Emmanuel - you took us through routes that I would have never guessed is achievable with stock cars!!! And sometimes twice from different approaches. Well done to fellow extreme Ramblers @Christian Andras and @Jorge Stepniak Felippe
  2. Absolutely confusing! The challenge is not to understand the actual English guidelines, but how THEY understand it at the border.
  3. One of our employees were refused entry at Ghantoot yesterday, and instructed that you cannot enter with a second DPI (you need DPI - PCR - DPI...). Not sure what will happen at other entrances, but I am doing PCR this afternoon. Hope I am not the only driver in this convoy.....
  4. For those coming from Dubai, take note that the entry requirements have changed from 1 Feb: 1. Al Hosn app is now compulsory ( not Text anymore) 2. You cannot enter AD with a DPI test if your previous entry was also DPI - need PCR. ( this requirement is a bit confusing, as the Gov site seems to indicate that you cannot enter AD more than once with "DPI test", which could also mean the same test - best to check before you wake up early just to be send back). And PCR only if less than 48 hrs prior.
  5. What a great drive at the off-road mall Great lead by @Emmanuel, who took us through rolling dunes, where most of us were completely oblivious of the other convoys crowding this area on a typical Friday afternoon. We were treated to a diverse mix of multiple crossings, safe ridge-riding, sideys by the dozen, and many moderate climbs - an excellent learning experience for the Newbies who were lucky enough to join this trip. All Newbies can be extremely proud of their performance - some only doing their first Newbie trip! I am sure they have learned a lot, as 99% of the refusals could be managed without even touching a shovel! Well done to @Nagham Albeitawi, @Mario Cornejo, @frederic demolder,@Ammar Naji, @pqpqpq and @Ahmed Wagdy - rest assured, no Newbie drive will throw more at you, and you can only look forward from this trip! Thanks to @Nabil Bishara for the support, with only 1 kinetic recovery - which you executed perfectly! PS: @pqpqpq, you can ask @Frederic to help you changing your username!
  6. Thank you for organizing a great drive at a great place @Frederic! Absolutely stunning vistas and massive dunes to push our vehicles. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good the fewbies did on this drive - well done to @Mus_hus78 and @Gaurav Soni for overcoming those deep bowels. Thank you to @Asif Hussainand @Gaurav for the convoy support - hope to be back in that area soon!
  7. Current UAE Covid protocols for travelers - earliest you can stop quarantine is when you get official negative result of your PCR after you have landed (if from green list) - else 10 days. DPI not sufficient
  8. Well done @Pancho - excellent progress and well-deserved. Enjoy!
  9. Morning @GauravSoni - can you confirm if you will attend or not, as we need to ensure Covid protocols are followed at all times.
  10. Well-deserved indeed! Fantastic achievement.
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