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  1. Yip, same for my Prado - had to manually flip between 3rd and 2nd gear, or lose all momentum in sideys. With Xterra I also prefer to drive manually, rather than D, as down-shifting is just too slow (and will require full throttle).
  2. Nearly shat myself just watching this video!! We had quite a few intermediate (I think!) ridge-riding and criss-crossing last weekend with @Ale Vallecchi and @Srikumar . While I managed them all (one at the 2nd attempt), I must confess I did not feel confident with any of them. My instinct was to de-accelerate once I crossed and then steer down quite aggressively - so definitively not as per the illustration of @Frederic above. I was actually contemplating afterwards how I could improve my technique - as "learning on the fly" (the Carnity way?) seems to push the safety margins a bit. Any chance for a bit more instruction on a future trip - maybe step-by-step show with running commentary? Or maybe I need to book one of the advertised one-on-one courses with @Gaurav (with a few extra sets of clean underpants and air-freshner)?
  3. Thanks @Gaurav and the rest of the leadership team. Your patience to allow us to experience challenges week after week (and sometimes learn the hard way!) is amazing. Your sacrifices every weekend is noted and the new crop of excellent leaders are testament to your ability to transfer your skills. Thanks @Rinelle Sanaani - your time is close as well!
  4. Agree. Approach should either be straight up or a wider angle for criss-crossing - he was in-between. Also no momentum, so no chance to steer down on the other side and use gravity to recover. Driver seems very inexperienced with insufficient following distance. With no seatbelts they were lucky that only Pajero was dented. Also no off-road flags to be seen anywhere - something that I have unfortunately observed quite a few times lately.
  5. Thanks to @Jeepie @Wrangeld and @Emmanuel for leading us through dune after dune yesterday! While the going was tough for the convoy at some stages, we all made it out safely and with a lot of learning under the belt. A huge shoutout also to @Rinelle Sanaani and @Tbone - we have been riding together at the back for a few trips now, and, while the tough bits are well churned-up by the time we arrive, they seem to handle all with ease! And they are always willing to jump in and help with the shoveling and pushing!
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