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  1. Thanks for organising this centenary drive @Ale Vallecchi, and invite us along! Everybody has their favourite type of drive, and this one had all the ingredients for me. The first half was pure exploration, but at a very good pace, in an area with very deep and soft sand, with multiple treacherous pockets. This was an ideal intermediary learning area and highlighted the capabilities of car and driver required for this level. The second part was pure fun, with small to medium long-ish dunes, great sideys from left to right while zig-zagging dune straights one after the other. The min
  2. Congrats @Ale Vallecchi- hope you have a blessed new year and enjoy the break!
  3. Hi @Ale VallecchiI think you added me to the wrong drive 😂 I think I signed up for Saturday's drive?
  4. Hi @Wrangeld - I forgot about the 1 drive per week rule!! I have removed my name - please add me to waitlist for 2nd drive - many thanks!
  5. Well done @Luc Khaldoun! Enjoy the new level and keep on growing in this sport.
  6. Congratulations @Foxtrot Oscar! Well-deserved promotion - enjoy the new responsibilities!
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