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  1. Thank you @Gaurav and @Lorenzo Candelpergher for your feedback, I was noticing the same especially during the @Janarthan drive, I was always trying to wonder which path we were going to take and few times came out that we chose the same 😊. As @Gaurav sed today, from a to b we cannot go straight in the desert. That is really true! And all the hundreds possible path are right (if doable πŸ€ͺ) Was also very interesting our briefing. I tried to apply the rule… Enjoy!... And worked! 😁😁😁😁 I was feeling way more relaxed and confident! Thank you again @Gaurav for the lesson. @Lorenzo Candelpergher and @Janarthan, looking forward to meeting you guys soon on the sand!!
  2. Thank you @Gaurav for your super post!! I was thinking about upgrading my fortuner so now I have a quite different plint of view!
  3. Ok! Waiting for you here as soon as possibile then! Keep us posted!
  4. Btw.. @Ahab Shamaa did you had any issue with you car? I saw the rear bumper was damaged also, I hope no issue with the frame.
  5. Thank you ti everyone!! Was a quite long path! Thank you again and see you in the sand soon! 😁
  6. Thank you @sertac to bring us all to that new, challenging place! First of all congratulations to all the convoy members! The level was the hardest fewbie plus never seen 😊. Try to recap main events about that challenging experience. The convoy reached the designated location on time, and we started that new path with @sertac leading us. I was designated as second lead @Mehmet Volga center forward and @Nivin our sweep. The terrain was a bit challenging but everybody was able to handle it nicely without major refusal/stuck until we reached a location near super bowl. There @Athula Dharmadada discovered a leak from the radiator, we tried to put some water on the car but the car was so hot that we experienced some geyser in the middle of nowhere :). In the meantime, waiting for the @Athula Dharmadada car to cool down, we decide to move to the iftar bowl with the rest of the group. The experience was amazing, everybody was excited trying to climb such a tall dune. Then we came back to reach @Athula Dharmadada and bring the convoy to the exit. That was the hard part of the trip! @sertac had to rush as quickly as possible to the exit before the radiator of @athula was empty again, I was a bit slower because of the rest of the convoy and I lost the @sertac track. Using the GPS was able to locate the exit and everybody was comfortable with the terrain, so no problems until we went into a very tricky area with small technical dunes. That was a real challenge for everyone (first of all for me), we got a number of refusals (personally I doubled my stuks number after almost 100 drive ) but everybody was handling the situation in a very calm and safe way! @Nivinsent the convoy location via whatsapp to @sertac so he was able to join us and we reached the exit with 2h of delay. Thank you guys for being with us during that experience. For sure that was a real lesson to learn for me.. Understood the difference between going somewhere and leading a group somewhere (the second is hundred times harder). That helps me to appreciate even more the effort that @sertac and the other marshalls are putting on bringing us to the desert every week. Special thanks to @Nivin you were a real support and @Mehmet Volga for the continuous help. Was really appreciated! Hope to see you all soon on the sand!
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