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  1. Dear @Brette I respond on behalf of @Lorenzo Candelpergher (he's with me and his phone off) to confirm he will be joining tomorrow morning. He will reply directly when he gets to recharge his mobile.
  2. Thank you @sertac for the chance of being decond lead, bit nervous at beginning but after everything went well. The track was amazing with super shoots. All the people on the convoy handled the path without particular issues. Thank you @Rahimdad for your tips! Was an amazing drive!! Looking forward to the next one!!!
  3. @Gaurav Sad to ear that.. It's true that was bit challenging because the test.. I hope to have soon another chance to see that desert. Never bern there.
  4. Hi @Vanessa8580 thanks for the excellent leading! We were all excited to participate tonthe first all ladys leads drive of Carnity! @Desert Dweller you did you job amazing! Thank you and see you soon on the sand!
  5. Hi to everyone! Thank you @Gaurav and @Wrangeld for leading the convoy! Come back with some important learning really appreciate your patience and professionalism. Really enjoyed! Some picture from the today's trip!
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