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  1. Great different dunes , its was fun, even the soft sand was a good set up to keep the power under control so I could move and not digging down.. slide slopes very fun as always... thanks @Wrangeld. Hope to see you soon on the fewbie drives...
  2. So you still going out of your car to change the 4x2 to 4x4 ? No ac and no hydraulic steering wheel ?? Or do you use this "new" technology ? Guys, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with nobody... just raising discussions... do not take me wrong please 😁😁😁😁
  3. @FredericLet's not worry about money... you can choose which one to drive... would still drive a classic ? @topgearClassics are nice, and I had a few... but to drive on the desert, would you go with a classic or high technology one ??
  4. So many new technologies coming, what's the future of driving? Would you drive a classic old jeep thru the desert or this all new hummer ?? Hahaha tough decision ? GMC_HUMMER_EV____Revolutionary_World_Premiere____GMC(360P)_1.mp4
  5. Since I was a kid, my father used to take me to events, and now I do the same with my son, cars are so part of my life that it took the main role, I started to buy and sell for fun and it became my main source of income, and now to complete I just also opened a garage... I work with what I love and that give me chance to explore more types and before impossible or only dream cars, dreams can come true !!!! and now my new passion its desert drive, thanks @Carnity.
  6. Pink Rock ??? I thought it was Sheik Zayed rd... lol. V8 loud and clear climb that amazing spot. @Fredericthanks for all , your atetion and patience shows clearly how you love the off road.
  7. @FredericDo you think that we can trust in the dashboard gauge in the car ? Last time I used your gauge at 15 psi and all my 4 tires were showing exactly 103 kpa in the dashboard, So it could be my second "checking" gauge ?
  8. Hi guys, yes I'm in the car business market, also I have a garage. So my point of view is on a lot of experience on all type of cars. Americans : 99% salvage cars as @Fredericsaid. For me it's good Cost x Benefit cars, because I dont see accidents as a big issue if it's been fixed properly since accidents happens to GCC cars as well. Sure that you will not have warranty nor service contract on this cars, but in the other hand you are paying much less. Maybe some insurance companies might not accept, but many will... about the heat, I ask you, what temperature does your car work on ? Should be 90 degrees, so do you think that a 50 degrees outside temperature will do any harm ? This "belief " came because most of the cars had a front accident, and many times pipes or radiator were not fixed how it should, that's why some heat problems, what could also happen to GCC cars. AC I never had problems because its American or not.... for me it's a good COST x BENEFIT. Watch out for luxury flooded cars with too many electronics, it can be an issue, but all depends on the conditions of the car.. Japanese: I dont trust in the km, they are always very low, what doesn't make sense. But usually all in good shape. Europeans : really need to check, I've seen cars that are not available in uae and also accident (salvage) cars.
  9. Wow, this topic is awesome, I learned so much from it... as I always tell my teenager son; it's better to learn from others mistakes...
  10. Hi, I bought last week 1 that need this reprogramming, so yesterday I went back to dragon mart, returned it and got the baofeng UV-5. It cost 140aed for a pair...
  11. 2004 should be less than 10k.. no plates is no issues, actually is cheaper to register (470 instead of 820aed)
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