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  1. Congrats bro, well deserved ... "Brian" @Ahab Shamaa and "The Rock" @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ are going intermediate and "Toreto" I am stayng behind the crew taking a break on my busy weekends with family... but I will catch up sometime... See you guys on the sand...
  2. Is it what I really see in the carnity Instagram??? 😯😯😯😯😯😯
  3. There was a pathfinder next to it ... but it didnt need the lighter, it got burnt by itself... 😜
  4. All work done... got the original tow hooks with 3 fixation points...
  5. Guys, I will have to drop out of the drive, I forgot that was my daughter's birthday... I dont want to get in trouble with the wife.. hahahaah Good for @Yasas Dharmadasa, but I want picture of you shovelling when you get stuck .. hahahas
  6. Yes, today it was fast... now I need to get my car ready by Thursday night... hehe
  7. Wow... Brian you are leaving Toreto behind.... hahahah Congrats bro...
  8. I was just checking in the forums, and yes, it is this place, but has another 2 bolts behind the bumper which helps the attachment
  9. It's the sport edition, from America (not GCC), not with the metal bumper that comes with stock towing. So to put the stock ones I should also change the bumper... what I did was install the tow hooks where the original ones are supposed to be attached, and cut of the front of my bumper, giving me a better and higher clearance on the front. I will check with my denter and chassi specialist what can be done to reinforce the tow hooks or what will be the best solution... It's funny because I was pulled out of the desert by a tractor couple weeks ago when my steering box locked, and I had no issues, but the pull was different, maybe because it was 1 kinect folded in double and a regular flat tow , it didnt stretched enough and stressed the frame to the braking point, also the metal bumper from @Ahab Shamaawas pulled out , so it was a very hard pull... learning that in this type of situation for my car , it's better to use a winch when it is available... pictures attachesd 1 - how it is the tow hook attached (other side not used) 2 - how it looks like now without the piece of the frame 3 - the piece that flew off , it might weight more than 3kg
  10. Brian @Ahab Shamaa we will have a barbecue after you are back.... hahaah I will take the pictures and post it, it was scary ...
  11. 4x4 axle shaft broke again... thr same that I have fixed a couple weeks ago... so 4x4 do not engage, but car works fine on 4x2...
  12. Happy new year !!!! I was on the dunes watching the fireworks in RAK VID_56010205_061112_350.mp4
  13. Are we talking about off road or Jiu Jitsu ??? Momentum, power / weight... leverage and finesse... its seems a lot like BJJ... 😘😘😘
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