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  1. Hi, how can we know if our car would brake during the offroad drive if it doesn't show any issue regularly ? Being a 5 years old car with 50k km.... BTW I use the car only for offroad since I have other cars for the daily use...
  2. I did all that bro, fixed, and joined other drives... my last issue was in December when my 4x4 stoped working... but whatever... I hope all of you guys have a nice drive. BTW @Srikumar we don't know each other and for sure it didnt come from you.
  3. Well, the issues were all sort it out, and were all because an eletronic 4x4 switch ... I don't what to point fingers, but many people had issues as well, and after the issues I have already driven off road, not only with Carnity but on my own as well... my car is 2015 with 55km, so it's not a piece of **** as I've seen many on the drives ... but I will not go for that talk... thank you very much
  4. My dodge Ram is the same... 1 touch traction control is off, hold for longer ESC is off.
  5. @Frederic style drive, very smooth, lots of technical dunes, good pace... one or other refusal, none was a big issue .. but one little distraction and bahnnn, sand is eating you... shoveling it's always a good workout 🤣🤣🤣 See you guys in the sand
  6. First thanks to @Gaurav for the Very fun drive, almost 6 hours and almost 40km. The bowls were fun, and after I learned how to play my gear shifting everything got easier, but my car suffered a little, and after a nasty bump things were not normal anymore, so I had to cool down and take it easy...theory came to practice, double thanks to @Goutam so I could fix his pop out by myself with the supervision of Gaurav, great lesson. Ridges, crisscrossing, bowls, technical areas, we had it all, and everyone handle it well. I hope @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ got his jeep back safe and fix the oil iss
  7. This article reminds me of my sports, I skateboard on bowls, and the speed will determine how far and how high I can go, same on surfing, I can only ride the wave and do turns depending on my speed, or I will sink... it's all in the centrifugal force to keep the gravity in your favor...
  8. Thank you bro, we are just starting to play... so much yet to come... hahaha now we are back together...
  9. Thank you Bhai, it's great to be part of that club, I've learned so much and still learning every drive....
  10. Oh it was an Awesome drive, Toreto was alone missing "Brian" @Ahab Shamaa and "the Rock" @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, they were afraid of "Cipher" @Foxtrot Oscardrive 🤣🤣😜😜 we drove in a very good pace, and it was very fun, sure that the gym shovel workout was necessary, but always fun, and learning where to dig as mentioned ... I got crested in a weird way, crisscrossing my tail just slipped out suddenly and I got 4 wheels hanging in the air... congrats to all drivers keeping up the pace. @Craig Finlayson and Angela with your weird jokes 😝😝, @Desert Dwellerand @Pancho in the silent swee
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