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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thanks bro, your newbie performance are much better than me, see you soon in fewbie trips.
  2. @Fabien MonleauSorry for had a paparrazi shoot on your car😜 Watching your beautiful lc76 and those y61 in real offroad are always enjoyable for me.
  3. @James ThornCongratulations! Attached a photo for 2 big v8 shoot by @TT_Dubai
  4. Thank you @Frederic⁩ for the great lead! Loved the photo break and sweep back support by @Hisham Masaad, @munkybiznessyou really did a impressive job as your first newbie drive with your dreamed brand new Y61, i feel so relaxation when driving behind you. Looking forward to have next drive with you.
  5. Hi Ale @Ale Vallecchi can i join your drive today as this will be my only drive for this week. There is a situation i am not sure that i am still waiting for my promotion to fewbie level, i have completed 5 newbie(3 night drives) and 1 Absolute newbie drives. But for sure both me and car are ready for more challenges.
  6. @M.Seidamit is my pleasure to drive with you and Sri under the beautiful full moon again. You guys are real great leader, i always feel safe and fun, also get learned some new skills. @[email protected] for watch me back,look forward to drive together with your lead in fewbie level.
  7. @arjumand hi mate, my boy(2.5 years) got carsickness and vomited up all he had eaten inside the car during last friday's morning drive. Also lock them on the car seat for 3-4 hours are too long for them. Believe me they will only enjoy first 30mins maximum.
  8. @Ale VallecchiThank you for taking care of us today, looking forward to drive with you next time. Btw L'Italia vincera!
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