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  1. @munkybiznessCarry a fully filled sub tank is also a bad idea😝, i am still learning how to drive on manual mode, for y62 vk56 i just need to maintain keep the throttle around 3000-4000 rpm on auto mode only, but in vtc i feel i really need to kick the gas pedal into the floor on every gear😂 but to listen the tb48 engine roar is also a big part of fun. I believe y61 is pure safari masterpiece period.
  2. What a great drive specially the second half high speed cruise, thanks to @Kailas for the great lead, Also thanks to @M.Seidam @Lawrence_Chehimifor help and support.
  3. @munkybiznessNice choice bro looking forward to hear the result, Btw Pioneer Jafza headquarter guys told me they are still not sure when the new shipments will come because the supply chain issue. So i already decided to install the Sony ax8000 anyway, ax5500 also not available everywhere, i think if you are focus on sound quality Sony is good.
  4. I am using S20, will try someone's iPhone and let u know. I personally think the round design lights are better looking than light bars on Y61‘s classic face.
  5. @munkybizness I am currently using sony XAV-AX5500 on my subaru wrx, i would not recommend it, both andriod auto and weblink are useless, the cable connection are very slow and frequently loss signal, i think the pioneer new mode with WIRELESS function may work better. Btw I am doing project with my y61 also, just finished all mechanical work last week, for lights i have choosed 2 x LP6(amber) mounted on the skid plate and Squadron Pro(amber)as fog light. looking forward to see your consumer report about headunit and sound system first😝, then i will start my journey.
  6. @munkybiznesscongratulations buddy, because of you i brought a Y61😆 Looking forward to drive together
  7. @Tareck It was great to meet another hardcore Y62 driver. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
  8. @Islam SolimanIt was a little bit tough drive as my first fewbie drive,my hands are sweaty all the time. but i guess i finally found the right feeling of the throttle control. Thank you for the great lead. @TT_Dubai @Jeepie @TareckThanks for the photos, i was knew i can get some beautiful photos everytime when drive with you.
  9. Thanks bro, your newbie performance are much better than me, see you soon in fewbie trips.
  10. @Fabien MonleauSorry for had a paparrazi shoot on your car😜 Watching your beautiful lc76 and those y61 in real offroad are always enjoyable for me.
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