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  1. Finally! Can't wait for when the BlackBeast goes treasure hunting in Little Sweihan 🏴‍☠️
  2. Get ready for tub-thumping madness with the FB+ level. Congratulations @Benjamin 💥
  3. @Benjamin, if you've been out to the desert in the last few days (since the rains lashed the country), then chances are there's been a ton of sticky sand & mud stuck to the underside of your car. My recommendation, and as @Looper has suggested earlier, just get it cleaned from time to time. After driving in muddy conditions, getting the undercarriage cleaned is even more crucial. I learned this the hard way because while I would take my car for "body washes" in the first 10 or 12 drives, they would never wash the undercarriage. 15 drives later, when I finally did an undercarriage wash, the team at the car wash had to use a ton of elbow grease & kerosene to loosen the sand & mud that had caked onto the undercarriage components. Hence, just like you should clean out your air filter after 3 to 4 drives, make it a point to have your undercarriage pressure washed after every 4 to 5 drives.
  4. Maybe the other one felt suffocated and wanted to break the shackles... P.S. I don't have it, but good luck bringing them back...
  5. “Paani toh khatam ho gaya hai. Ae saaki ab toh bas kuchh aur pila de” 😂
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