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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Doc @Chaitanya D thanks for the fast pace night drive! Being my 2nd night drive, came over prepared with installed lights😄. Looking forward for more drives like this. Thanks for all the support as well! Me and my son enjoyed it a lot👍 Nice to meet members for the first time.👍
  2. Just to share, I got a pedal commander installed. Woah! amazing how this tiny tool can make such big impact on the throttle response of the Wrangler.
  3. My friends, just getting a spot on a preferred drive is already an adrenaline rush🤣😂Wooooohh YES!
  4. THANK YOU @Srikumar, @Niki, @GauravSoni for a great teamwork leading this drive. I commend your consistent safety reminders👍 I’m impressed with the variety of terrain challenges in Sweihan, will definitely be back. it was nice meeting the rest of the team, see you all soon! will post photos later…😎
  5. Amazing curriculum @Gaurav! Long way to go for me🤣 As Filipino's saying "You've got to eat a ton of rice to reach this level" 😄 Probably, @Alex Raptor's car is the ultimate challenge here.✌️
  6. Congratulations @Johannes Roux see you at the playground😀
  7. Yes Felix, I’ve check that too. Manual for me definitely. So far from what I’ve done today that I feel it adds to the performance of JaisRock are , air down to 8psi, and I have pulled out the J6 fuse of ABS, I am still waiting for the proper switch panel to put a kill switch. see you Bro
  8. Let me continue my message… 🙏🙏🙏BIG THANK YOU @Brette, your lead gave us a mix of everything I guess. This was very good experience, my first Carnity drive. AMAZING SUPPORT from Majan @Jeepie. Your patience and guidance gave us confidence👋👋👋! And to all new acquaintances, it was nice meeting you all, learning from each other. See you soon👍
  9. 👋👋👋AMAZING DRIVE Richard @Wrangeld& [email protected] Raptor. Your tag team brings out the best from all of us. You never let anyone behind. I appreciate you talked through what happens on every obstacle and gave advice how to overcome them. I learned a lot! Really! 🙏🙏🙏 And most importantly, I gained a lot of confidence on my rig, never thought I could do it. Hopefully to get more of this technical drive. Until next time🤞🤞🤞
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