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  1. Today’s game at Hamdan sports club. France-3 Poland -1
  2. Yearly pilgrimage to Yellow Truck ✅ First camping of this winter ✅ Meet old and new friends ✅ Watching World Cup in the desert ✅ We are away for rest of the month and what a way to end this year's off-roading. Thank you @Carnityfor organising these drives. There is enough said about the drive and I can't agree more, what a brilliant one! Being sandwiched between two doctors and another lead in the middle was one of the unique drives we had so far. Thank you @Chaitanya D, @Vaibhav, @Jaro Tuzinsky, @Bjoern, @Pascal, @varunmehndiratta, @ASAD., @Senthil Kumar, @Waqas Parvez, @Patrick van der Loo, @Richard Franks , @M.Seidamfor an amazing experience that makes us to go year after year. A big thank you all the friends in other convoys that made the trip even more memorable! Look forward to the Liwa crossing soon 😎 . PS: Jaro please share the videos on 0 5 4 5 0 8 0 9 0 1. Thanks.
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