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  1. I am sorry but I can't come, it seems my battery is dead. Please don't wait for me
  2. In Europe i prefer sleeping in the car. 1) There is always a chance of rain, and camping in a tent with rain (packing it up all wet and muddy) is just awful. 2) Also it is hard to find a nice level spot without stones roots and so on. 3) Security: If you sleep with your divers seet reclined, starting the car and just leaving is a matter of seconds while in a tent you are more vulnerable. As all these three points are not really a concern in the UAE you might as well give the tent a try
  3. I see many cars with these plastic sand tracks you put under your tires when you are stuck, and some people consider them essential. At carnity drives though i never saw them used for a recovery, i don't even remember seeing anyone carrying them. Whats your opinion on these?
  4. I advise everyoneto check the gallery as @Thomas Varghese and @Joseph Rajuu posted some great pics. Thanks for that!
  5. Thanks guys. Looking forward to new adventures with you
  6. Unfortunately I have a bit of a fever since today so i can't drive this weekend. I hope somebody from the waitlist can enjoy
  7. Hi Vanessa! No, I did one yesterday and will also do one tomorrow So I am totally fine if there are others on the waitlist! Was just asking, no worries!
  8. Hello Vanessa. I had not originally registered for this drive but i wanted to ask if i can join? I wouldnt ask with such a short notice usually, but i saw some people dropped out. of course if there are others from the waitlist, im fine with that too and see you on another drive. markus
  9. Guys I had to remove myself from the list because I have an appointment in the repair shop on saturday 8am. I hope someone from the waitlist can take advantage of my spot
  10. Hello! This will be my first night drive, do we need extra offroad lights / a lit flag or are stock light and a normal flag fine? Thanks Markus
  11. Thank you Ale and the other supports for the great drive! This morning i considered not showing up because of the rain (i have my hardtop off and nobody to help me to put it back on) but i am glad i joined, it was good fun!
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