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  1. Fred, you have me rather excited with the mention of 2-3 days drives. I wouldnlove to do that.
  2. I believe I now found the holy grail of deactivating the airbags on the RAM 1500. It was as simple as asking the dealership. Although they didn't have a OEM switch, they some how improvised and fitted a nanny kill switch for me, switching off all the bothersome systems when off roading with a simple toggle underneath the steering. Will test it oit on Saturday.
  3. I unfortunatly hit another snag. The Owners Manual says that the ORC unit has a backup battery for in case you battery runs out or you have aloose connection. The bags might thus still pop even if the fuse is pulled. I am now looking into getting one of these switches installed: https://www.pro-gard.com/product/aoi-electrical-air-bag-control-switches/
  4. I believe, or should perhaps say hope that I am onse step closer to resolve the RAM 1500 airbag deactivation riddle. I found an interesting device that the Police in the U.S. aparnalty uses to shut down the airbags in their vehicles, as can be seen at the webpage below. I now just need someone in Dubai who would be able to install the thing. https://danasafetysupply.com/vehicle-airbag-on-off-switch-by-progard/ 58390113.pdf
  5. Guys, I just saw this video on YouTube showing that Fuse 28 is for the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) unit in the 2019 Ram 1500. Does that mean that all airbags would be deactivated if I pull fuse 28?
  6. Great drive today. Learned a lot. Thanks Fred and the rest of the guys.
  7. OK. Understood. So will fuse F26 disable airbags as well? I will also just replace my front bumber in good time. Nathan, can you please advise where you got your done?
  8. Hi guys, I had an experience this morning that made me think that we should perhaps not be worried about popping airbags on the RAM. I slammed my front bumper on my 2022 RAM Limited rather hard this morning on a Carnity drive in Al Qudra. I luckily already removed the plastic air dams a few weeks ago, but the impact still left a dent the size of a mellon on the chrome bumper, broke 3 bolt points on the bumper and popped one of my parking sensors, but still the airbags did not pop. Perhaps the RAM automatically switches it off when turned in to 4x4?
  9. Hi Brette, Yes, I also have all of the additional items you mentioned. Regards Paul
  10. Hi Brette, I have all of the above. Only weak point is my truck's low profile tyres, but they were OK when I did the course with Gaurav 2 weeks ago. My experience is limited to straight line driving on the beach in Namibia and the 4 hours I spent with Gaurav 2 weeks ago. I am looking forward to the drive on Saturday. Regards Paul
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