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  1. Such a great drive. Thank you @JeromeFJ. This part of Sweihan is really special. I had done it in fewbie mode with @Ale Vallecchi and absolutely loved the place. Loved it just as much in fewbie+ led by @JeromeFJ. Makes me want to relocate to Al Ain
  2. @Zed this is exactly what happened when I was cross-crossing. The back just slid when I tried to cross and ended up crested. i (unwillingly, thought it was sensor issue) drove for 30 mins with rear diff lock on and while its not totally unmanageable, I clearly noticed the back was sliding a lot more anytime I was turning sharply. @Luke K P not sure how that compares to your experience, but from mine, I can’t really think wranglers are meant to be driven with it on 😁
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi. Can’t wait for the drive. Do you have the GPS coordinates for the meeting point yet please ?
  4. A quickly put together short video from a couple recordings made by my wife: Thanks for the drive @Davie Chase @Gary F @Mark B - always great to ride by night !
  5. Thank you for the great drive @Islam Soliman. Managed to have a lot of technical fun and beat the work record of popouts all at the same time !!
  6. Such a memorable day for me. This was really next level fun (and challenge). Thank you @Asif Hussain for the superb lead and the rest of the team for the help and guidance (special mention to @PAJERO petelczyc luke who got me out of trouble more than a couple of times :)). Thanks to our photographer @Marek_was003 - can’t wait to see those pictures mate !
  7. Got the car back. Did a minor service + mechanic checked all potential reasons that may have caused the issue: all good. He said it might have been due to transmission heating that triggered the electronics… he did a scan and did not find anything wrong.
  8. Thank you @Davie Chase for the awesome drive and the lead and @FERNANDO SYRIO, @Benjamin and @Gary F for the awesome support. @Mark B thank you for getting it back online. It’s currently at a garage and I should have a diagnostic by 5pm. Hopefully nothing that can’t be fixed today
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