Al Wagan Intermediate Drive - 23 Mar 2018

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Repeating the exploration and endless mind-boggling fun of 12 Jan drive from Al Wagan, by justing taking the good part and re-living those most awesome moments to experience all of UAE best dunes collected in one place - aka - Al Wagan.

The plan is to get to the meeting point at Mosque and start immediately after the Friday prayers. All drivers should get the tank full of petrol before reaching the meeting. All passengers and driver should eat lunch or breakfast prior to arriving at the meeting point. If time permit inside we will take small breaks but the plan is to drive until sunset and exit from another side - HOPE SO.....

This is an Intermediate level drive, so no newbies and fewbies are advised to join. This requires the best of the driver and cars so please sign up only if you are 100% confident. This drive requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and commitment to continue driving in rigorous off-road terrain and keep the convoy moving at all the times.

It is very important to reiterate to everyone to ensure that your car is in the best of condition with all necessary fluid checks done, air filter check is done, 5 good working condition tires, etc. Further, due to the nature of the area, I do recommend that to carry only the essentials that are needed for the drive to reduce the weight in your car.

Time and Date: 12:30 PM, 23 Mar 2018

ADNOC Fuel station in Al Wagan:

Meeting point: (23°36'32.3"N 55°27'43.6"E) - Mosque next to the entry point. 


Ending point: (hopefully by sunset) - Next fuel station at 70 - 80 km range.

Checklist: Each and everything will be verified at the meeting point before starting

  • Your 4x4 should be well serviced and all lubes and fluid should be topped up
  • 20 Liter fuel jerry can
  • 20 Liter water can or equivalent water bottles
  • Air compressor, tow rope, 2 rated shackles, proper shovel, flag, jack and wooden plank
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, radio with charger, mobile with the car charger, emergency light/torch
  • Camp to sleep overnight, warm clothes, In case of emergency - contact number printed 
  • Enough food for 2 days for yourself and others to share - MUST
  • Disposables plates and glasses would be better to lighten the load for the drive
  • Dry food, energy bar, cookies, nuts, crisp to munch while driving
  • Stand-alone GPS unit or mobile GPS app that works offline (MotionX for IOS and Geo or GPS tracker for Android)

Please RSVP on the below calendar


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I'm in with full support and a companion as Emannuel. Any new comers want to join May do so as passengers as long as someone can accomodate them.

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I always have space. Let me know in advance if anyone needs a lift. Planning to leave from Dubai around 9 am.

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What a wonderful day it was!! Brilliant terrain, wonderful drivers, lovely food and to complete it a relaxing chat with your friends under the clear night skies with only the moonlight there for company. A fitting way to say goodbye to Wagan for this season.

As we were exiting the dunes of Wagan we got a wonderful taste of the night driving experience which I am looking forward to starting Ramadan.


Thank you Rahim Bhai Off Road Club. You guys rock!!

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What a wonderful day out. Loads of fun in an amazing area, the wonderland for all off-road enthusiasts. Best thing was everybody was on time and we started our drive in good time. Although it was a bit hot, but some pleasant breeze kept it bearable. I think it was the best possible area at a perfect time. With our earlier experience we started from the Best part and after loads of playing we started heading to the pyramid area. Upon reaching the pyramid dunes we realized that the area was fenced and we had no way to cross it to get to the star dune formation.

After a nice break with some awesome food and drinks which was accompanied by some light chit chat we started to head out. As we touched the plain grounds and we're making good time we were faced with some huge dunes we needed to tackle. With the sun gone down it was even more challenging. Step by step under Gaurav Bhai guidance we made to to the other plain grounds. But this was not our last challenge for this drive.

After driving for a bit we came to a fence and we stopped to discuss how we were going to approach this challenge. Thanks to our fewbie passenger @EmVarlet we headed left of the fence and soon we saw an opening with a warning from the military that it was their shooting zone. Just about 100 meters from that opening was the end of the fence. We took the track next to the fence and headed out.

After a long drive on the track I had to stop for a bit as a Gazelle approached and stood right in front of my car. Soon we reached the end of the track and onto paved road. As we inflated we tried to finish the snacks we had left from earlier. As we headed home after the inflation we realized there was one more challenge to face. The fog was thick and visibility was very low. Besides the fog was creating an illusion of driving in the dunes. We needed a break, so parked in the Adnoc pump to catch a quick nap and headed again back home.

Another drive with fair bit of challenges, fun, learning, team work, snacks, drinks and above all great company to have an ear to ear smile. As I looked into the eyes, I saw the hunger for more adventures as such. Thanks to all participants for making this trip truly awesome.

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