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Interior Works

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Hi Guys,


I am new to the group. Just a short intro, I have 1999 swb 3.0 manual pajero. Just done a major engine service @ 193kms and now PURRS like a kitty cat!

I am now currently looking to go some interior work done.

1. is there anyone here can  recommend an upholstery shop in AUH or DXB?  I am looking to change my floor upholstery and some car seat covers and may be change the interior doors as well.

2. looking for a used or new ac vents on the dash.

appreciate in advance!



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Hi bvb, welcome aboard.

I do drive 1999 SWB Pajero 3.5, check the drives pics in gallery for Silver Pajero. Do share some of your car pics, as I used to have 3.0 in white before scouting this 3.5.

For upholstery, there are plenty of businesses listed here. I suggest to go to the nearest one and see the quality and bargain for the best price.


For AC duct, I am afraid you wont find any good one in used as I tried gazillion times and all came out broken, as its a brittle plastic and cracks as soon scarppy touches it. Habtoor can order whole assembly for 1400 dhs. Also remember that for changing those ducts you need to open the whole dashboard and risk of cracking many other plastic clips in and around. For all these reasons im also living with half broken ducts (sadly). If you find out some intelligent and practical way, please share it with me too.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Thanks Gaurav for the quick response. I will share some pics soon. its an old gen 2 pajero (wide body) 2-toned, green & beige, which I inherited from my brother when he left Dubai.

I am based in AUH and drive occasionally in DXB. I used to live in DXB until I move here for my work. I miss driving around sharjah looking at some used parts and cars which there is none here in AUH! there are some in mussafah but not like sharjah where they let you look around all day and no one will bug you.

I am a bit OC when it comes to car interior and I've been staring at that broken vents for far too long. I've thought about the risk of changing the whole dash, was thinking there might be some tricks or somebody has done it here, but I guess not.

I will check the list for upholstery and will definitely share some photos here!




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