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Y62 platinum 2019 off road kit ideas


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Hello dears

Am eager to know how to modify my car to minimise damage possibilities, and yet keep the elegant look that suits the city


Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher I noticed that you have the new model 2020 and it looks awesome. Is it a t1? Or did you modify the bumper and added a skid? It would be amazing if you can share some advises



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Hi @Rawad Bahsas, I have the same vehicle, I installed a bash plate and trimmed the bumper. you will find all details on the below link, my Vehicle has a radar as well so he made me an opening in the bash plate so the radar functions normally.

The bash plate is 8mm thick, you also use an original desert bumper, so it fits perfectly (you get it from scrap yard for 150 AED).

this guy also adds a steel wing bracket which gets attached to the factory crash bar, also adds a galvanized steel cover to minimize any sand intrusion to the engine bay.

the most important part is that no additional holes were drilled, only used existing openings.

i didn't install a light bar, rather i preferred to keep this area clear for proper ventilation, I bought a set of Baja squadron sports LED lights and planning to install them next week on the lower side of the bumper. will share photos once done.

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Hi @Lawrence_Chehimi 

Thanks mate thats quite nice work on your car

I was planning on getting the T1 bumper and add a bash plate but I didn't know that I can still use the radar so my plan was to remove it. Good to know it works although I can't see how did he manage to cut the plate on any of the photos you shared

I want to keep the original bumper to be installed during the summer since it will be too hot for desert drives. This way I will have two setups ready

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@Rawad Bahsas here are some photos of my car.he also made me a cover to protect the radar during offroad drives.

Just keep in mind that the inner fender covers or linning has to be cut as it usually comes all the way down in the city bumper.








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Hi @Rawad Bahsas, just installed it last week so still didn't fight with Nissan yet. As for the service it doesn't affect it at all as the plate is just on the front and far from the engine oil pan and filter.usually this area is were the city bumper sits.

As for the radar, no didn't have to anything to it, As we didn't  touch it at all, we only made an opening facing the radar with a slightly bigger size than the one in the original bumper.

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@Rawad Bahsas just dropped my car for service at Nissan, no warranty issues😃 i also asked them about putting additional under body protection panels, they told me yeah if you are going offroad it is better, just make sure you put a thick one, as somebody used a thin plate that got deformed and gave them a hard time putting it back...

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@Lawrence Muchemi great news buddy

I managed to damage my radar bracket on my first trip (with city bumper) and they need one month to get me a new one. Am gonna install the hybrid plate on Thursday but the issue is that am not so sure if nissan is going to install the new bracket and calibrate the radar for me while having this setup

Have you found good under body protection plates?

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