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  1. I always drive in D, except going to M for these two cases: a) I want to avoid automatic early upshifting, typically from 2nd to 3rd gear, in the initial stages of a climb or to avoid upshifting at all, by remaining in 2nd gear. b) I want to force early downshifting from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 1st gear to maintain a better revs/torque regime. This, with Jeeps, is tricky as WOT (wide open throttle) downshifting is prevented by the ECU software, so downshifting can only be achieved by feathering the throttle, which is not always easy to achieve, especially if you find yourself on a bump
  2. Dear @JeromeFJ, congratulations for your well deserved promotion. Looking forward to the next thrilling climbs and bowls toghether!
  3. I don't do anything on the fly, except occasionally marking dangerous or remarkable spots by adding a waypoint in the current location and then editing it after the drive. In any case, while I drive I just drive: if I need to touch the screen for anything else than zooming in/out or recentering the map, I stop, do what I need to do and move again. I learned the hard way with my Patrol that when you are in movement you need to look at where you are going and keep your hands on the steering wheel with no exceptions. What you see in the snapshots are all waypoints that had been created befo
  4. Dear Desert Wanderers, Some videos of today's 1st big bowl: This is @Ruan van den Heever: This is @Xavier Treasurer: This is @M.Seidam: This is @JeromeFJ: What a great bowl it was!
  5. DRIVE REPORT Dear Desert Wanderers, Today's drive in Sweihan was for sure one of those I will remember for long time, as it was one of the most problematic drives I've ever had. It all started in a perfect way: a nice, fresh breeze welcomed us in the twilight before sunrise, at the meeting point. We acted a bit later than planned, anyway by 6am we were on the move. The start was nice and easy, a warm up in preparation of the big bowls to come. We made our way through the bushy dunes and, as we headed west, we found our way through the multiple fences partially buried in
  6. Congratulations @GauravSoni, great achievement and well deserved promotion!
  7. Dear Desert Wanderers, this RSVP is now closed. Please find below the convoy order for our drive: @Mus_hus78, @Hasan Wahlan, @Farouq Owdeh, @Rizwanm2, @Ruan van den [email protected] Treasurer, @JeromeFJ, @M.Seidam, this drive is going to be thrilling and exciting, but also very demanding from a technical point of view, both mentally for the drivers and mechanically for the cars. It will require your full and undivided concentration at every step, especially when we will reach elevated positions on steep slopes, so make sure you come well rested and hydrated and that and you
  8. Dear @Dodi Syahdar, well deserved promotion, congratulations! See you soon in the sand!
  9. Congratulations @Alex Raptor! Looking forward to our next drive toghether
  10. Dear @JeromeFJ, I believe, given that we have only 5 participants, you can be already confirmed for this drive. Please feel free to plan for your PCR in due course.
  11. @Mus_hus78, I thought it was just the bumper!! Sorry to hear the news.. You'll tell me all about it when we meed on Saturday. For Chapter II, we'll make sure you fly even higher but land your Pajero unscathed 😉
  12. Dear @ShereenMK, unfortunately this is a Fewbie Plus drive and your rank in @Carnity doesn't allow you to join it. I have therefore removed it from the RSVP, I hope you understand this is for your own safety, especially in this particular drive that entails going through some very large and deep bowls and across some very high dunes. I'm sure you'll sure make it to Fewbie Plus soon and look forward to having you in one of the next drives.
  13. Congratulations @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, a very well deserved promotion. Your big smiles at every stop during the drives, your prompt response at every request for help in shoveling or any other need tell everything about your enthusiasm for offroad and have been a great reward for me everytime we had a chance to drive together. Keep going!
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