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  1. Hi @Gaurav, I am a Newbie according to Carnity criteria, as I joined the Club in March, even though I have accumulated 11 rides with other groups and friends. Would it be possible to be placed in a waiting list for this ride, in case anyone drops out? Thanks, Lorenzo
  2. HI @Srikumar, can I be placed in a wait list for this ride in case anyone drops out. Thanks, Lorenzo
  3. HI @Gaurav, can I be placed in a wait list for this ride in case anyone drops out? Thx, Lorenzo
  4. Dear @Rahimdad, yes I'm indeed a licensed commercial drone pilot (i.e. I can fly even big/heavy drones for professional use, mostly in construction projects). But I fly a lot as a hobby and if, in one of the next rides, we could plan for it in advance, we could do some more serious drone shootings for everyone's fun, which I would gladly have Carnity brand and use for promotional purposes. We could choose a nice short track (not more than 300-400m - max 20', it won't take more) with some interesting spots and do some car tracking (i.e. I can shoot drone videos "chasing" or flying around each single car (speeds up to 65km/h can be managed) and doing some other fun stuff which can be quite interesting to watch also if one is curious to see his own driving style and manouvers. Not to mention low altitude landscape shootings which would give a completely different perspective of the desert.. Check out an example of car tracking (I was just testing a new drone feature, so no ambitious driving): And check some landscape low altitude flight (approx. 30 to 50m, again this was just a test, no ambition on the quality of the images): Keep it in mind for the next rides!
  5. Dear @Rahimdad and @Wrangeld, It was a wonderful first ride with Carnity, a bit surreal because of the social distancing, but I loved every minute of the company and the lanscape. And the driving, above all! Have a look at my video from yesterday here (next time I'll make sure my windscreen is clean...) and don't miss the drone shot at 1'50"!! Thank you all, and see you at the next ride. Lorenzo
  6. Nissan Patrol 2020 V8 Prior experience (fewbie / 3 past drives) Towpoints are ok / car fully equipped (skid plates, flag, radio, compressor, deflator, towing rope, shackles) Totally agree!
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