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  1. Dear Desert Wanderers, Sadly, the time has come for me to leave @Carnity. It has been a wonderful journey and I'm grateful for all the fantastic memories I will carry with me, for all the great friends I have made in my 90 drives with the club (of which 47 as lead) for all the expertise that I have gained and for all the experiences that I have made. I started off-roading as a hobby, an extraordinary way to counter-balance the stress of life with genuine fun, passion, adrenaline and good company. Along the way, however, while I never lost the passion and the adrenaline and I
  2. Drive Brief This drive will allow to discover a beautiful and largely untamed stretch of desert, i.e. the area of Al Fayah in Abu Dhabi, on the south east side of E75 Al Fayah road. This area is known for its bright sand, its big dunes with sharp crests and its large swooping bowls. In such an ideal territory for a Fewbie Drive, we will enter at 7:00am from E75, heading east. After reaching an area of stunning rock formations unexpectedly emerging out of the sand, we will loop back to our entry point heading west facing the sunset, getting back on the tarmac of E75, hopefully carrying away a
  3. Dear Desert Wanderers, this drive was a nice conclusion of our 2021 off-roading year! With a clear sky and a wet, mostly virgin sand after the rainfalls the drive was bound to be special, and indeed it was... We started our day deflating in a chilling 16°C air, but welcomed by a wonderful sunrise by the nearby pond at the start of Bab Al Shams road: The convoy was a bit slow in getting ready for the drive, and it was only 7:40 when we were really able to enter the sand, after our briefing. The first stint of the drive was across beautiful virgin dunes with li
  4. With more dropouts, we now have @Pacific and @topgear admitted as well. Please confirm both your attendance.
  5. Dear @Pacific, if you haven't secured any drive, then you are only waitlisted for 2 drives, this and another one, probably. In this case you have priority, and I have amended the P.S. in the post above to reflect it. At the moment, since @Br. San dropped out, @Kolin has been admitted to the drive. If he confirms his attendance, you will need to hope/wait for the next dropout. @Kolin, do you confirm your attendance since you have been moved from Waitlist to Attendee List? If not, @Pacific will take your place.
  6. Dear @Beide Worku, unfortunately you cannot be admitted to this drive and I had to remove your name from the RSVP. As every new member in @Carnity you are supposed to join an "Absolute Newbie Drive" as your 1st drive in the club, which is a drive specifically designed for absolute beginners, who are driving off-road for the 1st time or are anyway driving for the 1st time in the club, even if with previous experience. After completing an Absolute Newbie Drive, you'll have access to any of the Newbie drives posted every weekend. Please understand this is for your own safety, as during
  7. Dear Desert Wanderers, this RSVP is now closed. Please find below the convoy order for our drive: @Gregory, @haridas kt, @Ammar Naji, @Mohammed Sirajuddin, @ahmed salama, @Waqar Sarwar, @Anoop Nair, @Sharat Nambiar, @Tom V, @Br. San, @KKIRAN, @Clau Co, @Melenany, this drive is going to be a an exciting exploration of the well known Al Qudra area, across a variety of terrains with multiple stops at interesting locations. The weather forecast shows a fairly clear sky in the early morning with increasing cloud cover with chances of rain and wind gusts towards the end of
  8. until
    Drive Details Level: Newbie and above (All Levels) When: 31 Dec 2021, Friday Meeting time: 7:00 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point: Al Qudra Bab Al Shams Road - https://goo.gl/maps/Dba5v92cWg8SXYWKA Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and your own compressor for tire inflation. Approximate finish time: 11:00 AM End Point: Al Qudra Bab Al Shams Road
  9. Drive Brief The stretch of desert around Al Qudra is very popular among Dubai residents for its famous lakes, easily accessible with normal vehicles. This drive, however, will offer the chance to explore the less known lakes and springs scattered around Al Qudra, those less known and less accessible spots that only off-roaders have the chance to see. We will enter from the north-west side end (near to Bab Al Shams) and head east in an area of fairly virgin sand, moving progressively across different terrains, ranging from small technical dunes to big, long range ones, stopping by some of
  10. Without any doubt, after many trials, RAM Mounts. Specifically designed for off-road, they are simply perfect. I have the magnetic one: a small metal disk glued on the back of the phone cover and you can attach / remove your phone instantly.. but when it is attached, it will never fall, not even in the worst case. A bit expensive, but you'll need only one for the rest of your life. http://www.rammount.com
  11. Welcome to @Carnity dear @Juan Carlos Prego Perez. You are in good hands with @Vanessa8580 for your Absolute Newbie Drive. Have fun!! I look forward to driving toghether soon!
  12. Congratulations @MMansoor, from your very first drives with @Carnityyou have consistently shown passion, commitment and hunger to learn, which is now being rewarded by a well deserved promotion. Way to go to you and your beast!
  13. Just sand, that had been piled up by escavators to block the passage through the gate, as some grading works were being done on the opposite side. I tried to see if we could make it through (a bit ambitious 😂😂) but then we realized there was another opening 500m away
  14. DRIVE REPORT Dear Desert Wanderers, What a drive, what a day!! It all started with some disappointment, as we made our way to Fossil Dunes at sunrise, ready to frame in some nice photo shots these incredible rock formations, but found that the whole area (visited just 3 weeks ago when I did my recce to prepare this drive) had been fenced and was no longer accessible. Luckily, the disappointment was meant to last for just a minutes: as we entered the sand on the south side of Wathba Canal, we immediately revved up our engines with a 15' fast paced warm-up around a wonderf
  15. DRIVE REPORT Dear Desert Wanderers, It was a nice and chilling dawn when the convoy met yesterday at 6:30am. Everyone made it to the meeting point quite on time and after an extensive briefing we were ready to move by 7:05am. We warmed up crossing a long sabkha heading north east, then entered an area of nice long range dunes, where we spent quite some time roaming around and practicing some fun sidesloping. The sand in the area was very churned up and with many tracks, which made the exercise way more complex, but worth it. To the surprise of most in the convoy
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