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Join us for Grand Iftar Drive

Interesting end to good practice


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@Frederic thank you for the helpful advice I will take it into consideration for sure. The original purpose of the drive was just some off-roading fun(of course safely) but quickly turned into recovery practice 

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I appreciated getting stuck up to the frame in soft sand and impressed at how you handled it. @Benjamin hopefully when I have my first official drive I won’t do the same. 

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Very good points raised @Islam Soliman, well done.

Also @Benjamin if you are keen on helping maybe you first learn the three beep method, and the definition of soft, and medium pull from any marshals on the next drive, so you are 100% sure to execute the safe recovery.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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15 minutes ago, Simon Dawood said:

@Benjamin well done on your recovery. the halfdesert is a very popular on the weekeds. Personally i venture sometimes there when i am not in the mood to drive a really long time to get into the sand as its really close-by. 

Just a few advices out of my experiance to take into consideration before you help anyone next time to avoid getting yourself in some serious problems ( could even be legal at some point). 

1. Never help a car with no license plate on.

2. Never help a car that have signs of damage or accident.

3. Never get into someone's else car to try to drive it out( i am refering to people you just met  )

4. ALWAYS use your recovery gears ONLY even if they do propose to use theirs.

5. Remember that recovering random stuck people in the desert is not the same as recovering your friends at carnity ( many of them might not have a safe recovery point, that is if they even have one ).

6. Follow your instinct if you feel uncomfortable ( for any reason )just bailout.

7. Tell them that some  damage might occure to their vehicle due to the recovery and ask for their verbal consent to proceed( thier are some really rude people out there).

8. Always consider your safety and the people around you on the 1st place 

Cheers and see you on the sand

1000% agree 

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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