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how do i do it myself i want to change the starter of Civic?

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For Removing the Starter:-

1. Disconnect the battery cables

2. Remove exhaust pipe A and the inlet manifold bracket

3. Remove the harness clamps and connector from all the clamp.

4. Remove the two bolts securing the starter and remove it from the engine.

5. Disconnect the starter cable from terminal and even the connector from terminal and remove starter.

Now to install it back on:-

1. Install the starter cable and connector. Crimp the starter cable from the side of the ring terminal.

2. Install the starter and loosely install the upper lower mounting bolt after both are installed fist tighten the upper bolt and then lower

3. Install the harness clamps and connector on all clamps

4. Install the intake manifold bracket.

5. Install exhaust pipe a new gaskets and self-locking nuts are imp.

6. Connect the battery cables and start the car

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