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What was your worst car workshop (garage) experience?

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Waited for 2 hrs just to hand over the keys of my car for normal 5000 km service.......! What a customer service boy.

Collected car next day.

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big mess... on my fortuner 2009.

i had 2 original parking sensors at the back.

went to a shop in sharjah to put more parking sensors... (2 front 4 at the back)

they didnt tell me what they would do and said okie to all my questions... (i should have stopped since then)

first day...

they put a switch for the 2 sensors in the front.

they connected 2 side sensors at the back to the back light.

the original 2 middle sensors at the back have their own switch.

... what a dumb job... 2 side sensors in the reverse gear (they dont even sense the behind area)

i gave them some simple solutions...

1. put all sensors into the original switch (just to make it simple)

2. put the new 4 sensors into the same new switch (cos they cant touch the original switch)

3. put the two original sensors into the reverse gear as well (at least it will make sense)

second day

they removed my original sensors... one was physically broken while removing

and now...

- 4 new sensors at the back are in the reverse gear

- the new switch connected to all 6 sensors.

at least... it is better that it was on the first day...

i just took the car back like that...

my baige color interior got dirty... and the exterior scratchs below the back light... they removed the back light set and let it hang and looked for the backlight wire...

.................. i just blame myself ...............

if anyone knows a good auto electrician in dubai, please let me know... need to make everything right.... thanks...

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Go to technical Garage in al quoz. Turn left on SZR just before MOE exit and keep driving down staright and towards the end much before al khail rd look on ur left. They are very good.

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