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  1. Hi all , We have a very tight control over the WhatsApp conversation of course we do have transgressions but are firmly but politely steered towards the core objective . We do have search function ... now let the poor guy buy a Xterra ... we have taken it off the point . Yes Xterra is a very capable offroader if properly ie driven in rather straight line is comfortable on roads as well . But just get y oour self oriented with the dynamics of Xterra. Drive ride safe! Slick72
  2. Hi all it has been a decision taken by the Xterra club members and they have no access to a website and most importantly they say they can't be following this up in a forum . To each his own , I was just mentioning that there is such a group and they use WhatsApp to communicate, at times I do really feel that we could use a forum ( Carnity would be great ) but it need some hard decision by the admins to achieve it . May be one of our Admin reads it ( Ayman_Kateeb wink wink). Drive ride safe, Slick72
  3. Hi , I have been using Xterra for pastv2 years and done about 60 k km . The first impression is that the X is very capable both on Road and off, the best you can squeeze out the tank is close to 600 with just 2 liters to spare ... but I drive very prudently and always use the overdrive on the gear selector to achieve better range . Don't abruptly speed up or stop - basics of driving will get you close to the range of 525 to 575. The minimum is to get a good radiator skid plate as the radiator is below the chassis. Other than that just drive it and enjoy.... Drive ride safe, Slick72 NB: Am known as the K Man( Kanjoos Man🙄🙄😁😁 ) for squeezing the max range for given fuel
  4. As they say old is gold buddy that said it must be a hoot to drive..... Drive/Ride safe, Slick72
  5. Manums Congrats ! As promised I will be on your first drive to Desert as the shovel man! Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  6. Hi Ren 13 , I just want you to know something I have done to my Xterra : Installed a levelling kit costing about AED 500 then ended up having to spend a little more on adjustable camber bolts . As Barry had suggested please have the front and rear aligned ( if the rear are alignable ) if you increase the height you will move the CG( Centre of Gravity ) up hence there is a need to have wheel spacers . One of the desert fox suggested 1 inch out for every 2 inch up . Go out for a couple of drives offroad see if it meets your requirement the n stick with if you feel that you need better suspension then please buy new springs and shocks that will give you lift and better suspension ( Initially going for total suspension change might throw you off as the ride will be stiffer and will be very noticeable on-road ). Please make sure you have adequate under chassis protection like bash plates , if your Fortuner has additional body kit please remove them as they will be removed by Desert ! Just my 02 Fils ! Some of the most important tools and kit to be carried during your off-road trips have been mentioned by our Master Desertfox Rahimdad in the following post : Drive /Ride Safe! Slick72
  7. Hi All, Thats a nice topic to pick our Forum Mechanical Guru's Rahim Bhai .... Barry when you say that front strut brace ( the metal piece connecting both the sturt head ??) you mean these right ? can this be done on a front IFS and rear spring plate SUV as I see it could be cost effective and is there a way to have braces for rear with leaf springs ? Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  8. Hi All, Good evening ! @Jaan Rambo many thanks for the tip it works for me , but it was funny for my son who saw me adjusting the ORVM today morning and he had a great laugh ...... Drive / Ride safe ! Slick72
  9. Hi All, Now I know Gaurav is keen on making me bankrupt ..... need to buy spot lights allround ..... I realy hate you Mr. Gaurav Khanna .......Paging Mr. Barry ........ Mr. Barry ........ Mr. Candy Cane ....Mr. Candy Cane ..... need to have spot lights mounted with switches ....... Drive / Ride safe ! Slick72
  10. Hi All, Good afternoon ! The same thing continues again........ both Gaurav and Rahimdad took total care of things and the worst thing is the whole crowd is getting corrupted by Gaurav and Rahimdad .... They whole bunch was really friendly and kind .... even so they put up with my great jokes ..... Saleem with his amazing Rav4 was a sight to see as they say its 90% Driver 10% the vehicle amazing skills ..... I did get myself bogged down and was helped by Rahimdad during the initial phase of 4x2 drive and finally towards the steep slope of fossil rock by Gaurav..... And a mighty big Thanks to Asif for capturing my stupidity will always remember that . With regards to Barry , Diamond and Jason you are supposed to go over the dunes and not flatten them down ....... Drive /Ride safe ! Slick72
  11. Hi Gaurav , Good evening ! Can you please add my name to the drive . Deepak +971506026688 Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  12. Hello all, There is this person who has a GoPro and not willing to share the video!!!! Am not taunting you Gaurav Bhai ! just saying ......... Drive / Ride Safe! Slick72 P.S: Guys I know we are busy with our regular life to support such fantastic life !
  13. Hi All, hello Manu that pure insubordination! where is the video were we were trying to find the wiper !!!! Drive/ Drive Safe ! Slick72
  14. Hello All ya motor heads ! I had the misfortune to drive with the Carnity group … really … was promised adventure and Fun…. The guy Rahim … who can read the desert like the back of his hand and the ever persistent sweeper Gaurav to help come on no one excepts such kind of mothering ….. please don’t ask me about the participants…. Basil ( I hope I spelt your name right)even thogh he had a Patrol was willing to follow the ordinary vehicles … Manu MS and Serif these guys are so smart like feels that am with Rahim/Gaurav bhai ..... … unspeakable … they help you and guide you .............what is this …. And the worst culprits were Rahim Bhai and Gaurav Bhai … love you all including my slaves … who were taken onboard to shovel …., couldn’t use them ‘cos of the expertise of the Lead and the Sweeper … total waste of time !!!!!! Drive / Ride Safe ! Slick72
  15. Hi Gaurav, I can not and will not come out of the OCD....here are pictorial evidance ! Drive /Ride Safe ! Slick72
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