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  1. Just an update, was not able to source the transmission hose anywhere in Sharjah too so I ended up getting the aluminium welding done to the old hose and it seems to be working fine now. Just need to get the ECU reset now since the transmission oil was changed. Thanks for all the suggestions guys and see you'll soon.
  2. Suspecting it happenned on the night drive in Qudra. Took quite a bad hit there and the mechanic who took it out suspects it took a hit once before the skid plate was put.
  3. Thanks @desertdude will be going to sharjah tomorrow so will give it a shot.
  4. Did look into the welding option but it broke at the point where it locks into the cooler and it's to small to weld there.
  5. Thanks @Barry @Gaurav @desertdude will give the places you'll suggested a shot.
  6. Hi Guys, recently noticed my 2017 JGC jerking at low speeds but thought may be just a plug issue or a single cylinder misfiring. A few days ago it started suddenly losing power and then picking up again but would not go past 3000 rpm. Yesterday was driving down Sheikh Zayed road and all was fine till I touched my brakes. As soon as I slowed down, lost power completely and saw a lot of oil on the ground. Got the jeep moved to a service centre and when lifted up saw that the transmission oil aluminium pipe to the cooler had broken. Been trying to get this part to replace it but no one, not even trading enterprises has it in stock and say it would take a month to source. Does anyone know of any place where I may be able to get a second hand replacement that I can use at least till the new one comes in as cant afford to be without the car for a month. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Image below of the pipe required.
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