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  1. @Anish S I use a crony and have similar issues. Does not happen all the time but noticed when I keep it in the cup holder and the antenna touches anything metal it starts. Have since started keeping it on the passenger seat and it's been a lot better.
  2. Thanks @Wrangeld for the wonderful drive, first one for me with you as lead and you did a great job of mixing it up, kept everyone on their toes. @Gaurav thanks for being all over to assist with recoveries, not driven with you in a while and brought back a lot of memories of the time when I first started to see the little pajero all over the place zoomin to help where required. For everyone else in the convoy today, well done. It was challenging but you all kept your cool and drove pretty well given the technicality and number of stucks we started of with. Like @Wrangeld rightly pointed out in the briefing, the sand was extremely soft and by the time the second half of the convoy crossed certain patches, it seemed like we were driving through a ton of powder where even slowing down a bit would end up with you being stuck. This won't be the last of it and over the next couple of months we can expect a lot more of this happenning. Good overall learning experience for everyone. Thanks to Sherlock @Veedooshee for her investigative skills in helping find @Rajeevan Vickneswaran number plate. Would never have thought of tracking back pics to see when you last saw it on the car. Simply brilliant. Thanks again guys n gals for a fun morning. See you'll next weekend.
  3. Sounds like the new Rolls Royce that comes with hidden codes for the owner to crack. Looks like mitsubishi beat them to the idea. 🤣
  4. @Srikumar congrats buddy. You deserved this and like many others have said, you are a true leader and always there to help and give advice when needed. Been a pleasure driving and learning from you along the way and thanks for all the help and support that has brought me and so many other newbies up the ranks. Well done Sri. Take a bow.
  5. @Ale Vallecchisuper happy for you and totally deserved. Look forward to driving with you soon.
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