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  1. Convoy 1. RSVP is now closed for convoy 1. Below is the convoy order for the drive tomorrow and we will be using channel 3, 446.056.25. @Ashy @Veedooshee @tcarrimjee @Abu Muhammad @Mohamed Seidam @Janarthan @Franco Swart @Rajeevan [email protected] Palanca [email protected] [email protected] Candelpergher Once you reach the meeting point please deflate immediately and turn on your radios to channel 3. We plan to leave at sharp 6 am. See you'll tomorrow. Convoy 1 1 Brette JGC Lead 2 Ashy Fewbie JGC 2nd Lead 3 Veedooshee Fewbie Pajero 4 tcarrimjee Fewbie Y62 5 Abu Muhammad Fewbie Sequoia 6 Mohamed Seidam Fewbie X 7 Jana Intermediate X CF 8 Franco Swart Fewbie Pajero 9 Rajeevan Vickneswaran Fewbie Wrangler 10 Luca Palanca Falsini Fewbie Fortuner 11 Hennie Schoeman Fewbie Wrangler 12 Lorenzo Intermediate Y62 Sweep
  2. @Rizwanm2 @Lorenzo Candelpergher are both you you still interested in joining this drive?
  3. @Chaitanya D Congrats and well done doc. All the hard work and dedication put in is truly paying off. You have grown tremendously in the sport we all love over the last few months.
  4. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergherwill let you know tomorrow once the convoys have been decided.
  5. @Luca Palanca Falsini @siddharth maheshwari both of you have been added to the drive as you'll were the first 2 in the waitlist.
  6. *NEW CHANGE/REQUEST* To prevent all drives getting full on Sunday by multiple RSVP, we would like to request everyone to pick ONE DRIVE initially and then book your second or third drive from Wednesday onward. Sun - Tuesday - Limiting one drive per member Wednesday onward - RSVP on multiple drives @Ali Abas Ali @asifk as both of you are signed up on more than 1 drive, please decide which one you would prefer to attend and then remove your rsvp from the others so members on the waitlist who do not have a single drive can join. You can add your names to the waitlist of any other drive and on Wednesday if any spots are still vacant, you can then be added for a second drive.
  7. @Mohamed Seidam nothing to do with black stallion Doc. It's just love for the desert. Over 100 sign ups in less than 5 minutes across all drives. 😃 This drive will be split into 2 convoys with @Tbone leading one.
  8. Congrats @Christian Andras on this well deserved promotion.
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