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  1. Hi @Frederic Thanks for the suggestion. Even i thought about spending couple of thousand and fix everything once in for all. because i like its quirky old look and functionality. but again i changed my mind, During my last drive my nativa abruptly blow some white smoke. next day i took it to mechanic he cannot find exact cause as there is no white smoke now. but when i opened radiator cap before i start the engine i saw little bit of oil in the coolant. not too much but little bit floating on top of coolant. but engine oil seams fine, mechanic’s guess is head gasket is failing again. but have to open up and see. also car overheat when its idling for at least 15 mins, So cooling system also needs to be fully checked Apart from above another concern is lack of power. During last couple of drives I’m disappointed with performance, in quite steep incline the car wont climb as I wanted. So decided to fix the car and sell it and go for long term reliable partner.
  2. looks like im also in the same boat. im also looking for dedicated solid off roader so i guess xterra off road version is the one to go. But even for 2009-10 Xterra off road version vs basic price difference is about 8-10K so my question is it possible to modify basic xterra to off road version. if yes how much it would cost and pros and cons. what i'm want additional to basic option is cruise control and rear difflock.
  3. congratulations @Ale Vallecchi well deserved. ✌️ Hope to drive and learn many more with you in future.πŸ‘
  4. It was excellent lead today by @Ale Vallecchi. The drive was very interesting with plenty of dunes to play along. It was my first time driving from faqa to solar park, looks like I’m already in love with this area. Big thanks to our seniors @Srikumar and @Vanessa8580 for helping all of us in multiple stuck and refusals. Unfortunately white smoke was a concern, Will Try to get it sorted tomorrow itself. Hope to see you all soon next time. Stay safe!!
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