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  1. hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher today i got a confirmation for 30th night drive, hence please give it to next in line. Thanks.
  2. i think speed measuring from google maps is not accurate as speedometer. but dont no how to check it. anyway im not worried as far as im not getting speeding fine. 👍
  3. i thought if we increase the tire size actual speed will increase, 🤔 as per below its very minimal only 2.9kmph more at 150kmph
  4. Hi @Thomas Varghese looks like you guys had nice fun drive. Btw Im also using yoko Geo G015 275/70/R16 no problem at all. Even my speedo is accurate i have tried up to 140kmph on dot no speeding fines till date. 😛 let me know if you need sales contact from juma al majid for yoko tires.
  5. Eid mubarak!!! Wish everyone prosperous and happy Eid.
  6. congratz machan... @Chinthaka Ruwan hope to meet up with you on a drive soon... 👍
  7. Dont mind even in the summer for a mountain drive. it will be much cooler than desert at top of mountains...
  8. sorry @Frederic Change in weekend plans for me. ☹️ see you next time. @M.Seidam bro enjoy the drive and get some nice pics. im sure it will be an epic drive.
  9. yes bro @M.Seidam i always want to drive in abu dhabi, but this PCR is freaking me out. 😬 but im very happy to take DPI if its permitted. 😃 my second dose was on 16th May and haven't done any PCR since 29 Jan 2021. @Frederic looks like im eligible for a DPI.
  10. hi @Frederic seems interesting drive. my mind is not letting me to say no... but i haven't been to abu dhabi since your last drive in Bu tais. Can i do DPI same like last time on my way to abu dhabi. Btw im fully vaccinated as well.
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