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  1. Wow @Jeepie superb shot 👍👍 A picture worth thousand words.. 👍
  2. @Srikumar I bought a motorolla Walkie-talkie last week. will bring it along, just need to setup Thanks.
  3. Hi @Srikumar i just got my car fixed and its all good to go now. Hope i can join this drive as absolute newbie, since my last drive was bummer.
  4. Indeed it was a great day and good experience. It unfortunate that my 4x4 did not work properly and had to leave it behind. But big thanks to @Srikumar for accommodating me throughout the drive. Also thanks to @Rahimdad to take me back to pick my vehicle after the drive and your valuable advices. Overall I’m sure everyone enjoyed the drive very much. My car is already in a garage and getting it fixed as soon as possible. Counting my days to join for another drive at the earliest. See you guys soon... cheers 👍
  5. its 2008 - GLS, yes it have low range as well, i was reading some forum discussion now, but didnt see much positive comments about natva. Hope you guys can accommodate me 😬.
  6. Hi Srikumar i have mitsubishi nativa, yes it have front and back recovery points.
  7. Hi guys, as subject says im an absolute newbie.😃 exited to join this event and eager to learn alot.
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