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  1. @Emmanuel drive has been updated to fewbie , if you all are interested there are some places available @muzamil hussain @Vineeth John Joseph @Luca Palanca Falsini @Rizwanm2 Thank you @Chaitanya D signed up for the drive. 🙏
  2. One of my friend professionally modify and sell sports cars in Dubai. Also he is doing exports. U can check his FB page and get in contact with him. https://www.facebook.com/sportscarsdubai/
  3. Hi Guys, as all of you guys would agree maintaining correct tyre pressure is an utmost priority in off roading. There are lot of cheap solutions out there to monitor each tyre pressure in real time. some are just simple as replacing the valve cap, i found below listings in Amazon. https://www.amazon.ae/s?k=tpms&ref=nb_sb_noss There are mixed reviews in Amazon on each product. does anyone have hands on experience on this? what is your opinion?
  4. Hi @Hatim Patharia Thank you very much for your assistance in trouble shooting xterra. It was great relieve at the end. 👍
  5. today there was situation in the middle of the desert, Where i could not shift in to a gear. the gear lever was free flowing up and down, where i felt there is no connection between gear lever and gearbox. car was in same gear and it not shift into any other gear(in my case it was neutral) . Apparently this is a common issue in many Nissan vehicles such as Xterra, Pathfinder, Titan, Frontier, Etc. the cause of the problem was part called Gear Shift Cable Grommet part number "NI1KIT" below video is self explanatory to do the complete DIY repair. However if you are in middle of no where and needed quick fix to get out of a situation, you can follow below steps. 1. Gently grab center console cup holder and pull it out. 2. Grab the bottom of the plastic cover surrounding the gear lever and gently pull up and remove it. 3. Remove the below highlighted pin/lock holding the gear shifting cable in place. 3. after pin/lock is removed grab the cable and push it inside until the front side of the cable come out of the gear shift lever mechanism. 4. Grab the cable cover with one hand and hold it tightly, now grab the steel cable with the other hand and push or pull the cable slowly until you get in to the desired gear. you can see the gear position in your dash. 5. once you engage the desired gear you can leave the cable and move the car safely. Disclaimer. please use above steps cautiously at your own risk.
  6. Thank you @Rahimdad for a wonderful morning drive. i feel much better after stretching my legs and soul in the sands after long time. weather was perfect and day was even better after spending time with wonderful new faces. as mentioned today's key highlight was @Athula Dharmadada jump and the aftermath. wish for a speedy recovery of your JGC and see you soon in the sands. i took todays drive slow and steady to get feel of xterra in the sand for the first time and also did not want to take any risk since i did not had the skid plate on. when @Rahimdad and @Tbone was away recovering JGC my xterra's gear cable got disconnected from lever and was not engaging to any gear. with help of google and Youtube able to find a temporary solution to shift the gears. after little research, it seams a common issue with Xterra's. will do a seperate post for fellow members information. hope to see you all soon. TC.
  7. Since there are plenty of Xterra owners in carnity community, How about sharing solutions, thoughts, Do's and Don'ts for all future and current Xterra owners. Thank you in advance Xterian's 🙏
  8. Rizwanm2


  9. Hi @Rahimdad after long time. If there is a place I Would like to join this drive with my new xterra. Please let me know. Thanks
  10. You can enjoy free drive through movies here.. Aljada Movie Night Unnamed Road - Sharjah https://maps.app.goo.gl/khQxdM3Dd68xoPhC7 VID_20200915_201024.mp4
  11. Finally after long wait my search for desert warrior came to conclusion with this beast. Happy with purchase and can't wait to get back to sand. 😀 Special thanks to @Barry for the inspection and advices.
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