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  1. This is an exiting news to begin the holiday season. Thank you very much for all the seniors at carnity. Looking forward for more drives, more learning, more fun, more responsibilities, and grow even more. Thank you all. 🙏😊
  2. it was absolute blast today morning, thank you @Brette and @Foxtrot Oscar for leading the convoy. The area we drove today was a stunning beauty and cant wait to get back to this area again very soon. Everyone drove very well today. hope to see you all very soon. Cheers, ohh, ya team X-men, the back benchers 💪 were smashing the dunes like peace of cake.. 😁
  3. Dear @Frederic and seniors, With a very heavy heart im withdrawing from this event 😭. I tried my maximum to make an excuse to my boss to avoid work commitment. but unfortunately i hit a dead end and cannot avoid it anymore. at least im happy i could inform this before its too late for some else to join this once in year opportunity. Congrats to next in line on waitlist. Cheers.
  4. Hi @Brette Confirm. i would like to join the drive and already removed my RSVP from other drive. Thanks.
  5. Thank you Dr @Chaitanya D. it was absolute pleasure to drive with you on a perfect friday morning, Everybody drove absolutely well, following exactly as per leads guide. So we were able to drive maximum and hardly any time spent on dealing with refusal and stucks. Thank you all see you next time.
  6. Totally agree. early morning drives gives enough time to reach home early and continue rest of the day with family, so no complaints from home ministry as well. 🙏 it win win for me. 😃
  7. Another perfect line executed by @Christian Andras VID-20201113-WA0028.mp4 This is my attempt at the second play area. VID-20201113-WA0031.mp4
  8. Another wonderful attempt by @Mohamed Seidam VID-20201113-WA0027.mp4 Nicely executed by @Ali Abas Ali VID-20201113-WA0025.mp4
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