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  1. Convoy 2 RSVP for the convoy 2 has been closed. Welcome @Islam Soliman, @VipinShetty, @RaYan E, @Vineeth John Joseph, @Anand Nataraj, @siddharth maheshwari, @Jihad Hachem, @Hatim Patharia, @luwaimn and @Gaurav for joining this drive. We will be using Carnity channel #2 (446.031-25). See you all tomorrow.
  2. Congratulations @Chaitanya D! Well deserved for the time and effort you have put into it.
  3. Actually Fred, only last week @Gaurav and @Ale Vallecchi were reminding me of the importance of driving with minimal usage of GPS assistance 😂. I didn't expect that scenario to playout on my very next drive which also happened to be my first drive as a lead.
  4. Trip Report The day started off with a nice and cool weather. As we reached the meeting point, @jodha singh shekhawat had some trouble with his newly purchased Wrangler. He himself felt that he had to fix it before he ventured in and I agreed as it might create a complicated situation if it worsened when we are inside the desert. Hope it isn't much of an issue and see you soon on our next drive Jodha. We finished our briefing and started to head for the Big Red. Traversing through some vegetation which is taking over the beautiful area (actually it is clearer once we go a bit deeper into the desert), we reached Big Red and had some fine time playing. Then we started to head towards the Pink Rock. The route was riddled with tracks, which for a Friday morning is a clear sign of the winter swarm setting in and it seemed as if it was almost impossible to find a cleaner route. Even from distance, we were able to notice that the Pink Rock is already overflowing with vehicles and we encountered almost half a dozen convoy's en route. On reaching there, we found a spot which isn't taken and had some time playing there before exiting to the 2nd December cafeteria. This was my drive as an independent lead. So, I had a lot planned to make it memorable. But, on just few minutes into the drive my mobile got off the holder and fell down. It had a cracked on the back but the screen was intact. Though it was working, it kept restarting for sometime and finally was not able to turn on the screen. So, I had to rely on the visual markers like the Big Red, Pink Rock and finally the Sun to know my heading. I learnt the lesson (which the seniors in carnity always insist) to rely less on the GPS and more on visual markers and instincts. With a strong convoy on my back, the drive went very smooth and we finished the drive almost within an expected 4 hours. I would like to thank the seniors @Jeepie and @Emmanuel who extended their support for this drive. Also would like to thank @Janarthan for being the center forward and rest of the convoy @Islam Soliman, @Nabil Bishara, @Gregory Perkin, @Ilya Golubinsky, @Heisem and @marks who made the drive memorable. See you all soon on our next drive.
  5. Hello sand-lovers, below is the final convoy order for our tomorrow's drive. We will be on channel #4, 446.081-25 @Jeepie, @islam, @jodha singh shekhawat, @Nabil Bishara, @Janarthan, @Gregory Perkin, @Ilya Golubinsky, @Heisem, @marks & @Emmanuel 1. Tbone - Xterra grey 2. Marjan - Tj green - 2nd lead 3. Islam - Yukon black 4. Jodha - Xterra white 5. Nabil - wrangler grey 6. Janarthan - Xterra silver - Centre forward 7. Gregory - Wrangler red 8. Ilya - wrangler 9. Heism - Fj black 10. Marks - Fj grey 11. Emmanuel - Xterra white - sweep See you all tomorrow morning.
  6. Thanks for the update. See you soon. Now @Christian Andras you are in #1 and @Mukundan Nair in #2.
  7. Hi @Islam Soliman, you have signed up for 2 drives for the morning of 16th (you have rsvp'd in fewbie drive in Fossil Rock lead by @sertac). Kindly cancel one so that spot can be effectively utilized.
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