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  1. Tbone


  2. Thank you for your encouraging words. Eagerly waiting for the weekend. Looking forward to drive with everyone.
  3. Thank you @Frederic, @Asif Hussain, @Rahimdad, @adelishakk, @Shamil, @Fuad, @AKR, @Ale Vallecchi & @Brette for your wishes. A special thanks to you for your support.
  4. Thank you @Gaurav. Would love to learn more from the group and on the same time help others if possible. Already started procuring the mentioned off-road gear.
  5. Hi, I’m just a beginner and would like to explore more about off-roading. Was a bit hesitant to venture out alone. Saw about this event online and would love to join. I drive a H3, hope its good enough.
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