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  1. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, I unfortunately have a engine overheating issue which was manageable during the yesterday's drive and a bit worse on today's morning drive. I was eagerly looking forward for this drive, but I'm not very confident pushing my luck before getting it fixed. sorry that I have to stand out on this drive. Have fun everyone. See you soon on the next drive.
  2. What @Frederic was referring is that, you can remove the stem from your tyre vaulve to let the air out and you can keep a count as a reference to stop the leak by fixing your stem back on the valve to get your desired tyre pressure. This is a method used by many offroader's. Though I personally use autoplus tyre deflator which is not as fast as the stem removal tool but saves the pain when you need to search around when your stem flies off. It's like you use the technique which suits you better.
  3. Congrats @Melenany on your promotion 👍🏼
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