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  1. Thank you everyone for the successful drive, we had no stucks but few refusals that was successfully recovered with the guidance of @Ale VallecchiVallecchi @Vanessa8580 @Denizzalbayrak...there was no need for tow rope, n not even shovel actually. Under the leadership of @Ale VallecchiVallecchi, it was a great opportunity to learn different new techniques since the drive was technical and challenging. @Vanessa8580 did an amazing job as always and today in the middle of the convoy she ensured communication is effective and she kept the convoy together running up and down assisting us. @Denizzalbayrak our sweeper had a tricky job and he did amazingly well...he also helped me when I got refusals and provide valuable guidance to recover and also adviced rerouting when needed. I was driving behind Dr. @Chaitanya D and It was obvious that he is now very comfortable with the Xterra n I can see massive progress. When the track was getting messed up, it was so nice to see him taking the initiative to do minor rerouting and changes to tackle the dunes better. Keep it up...
  2. congratulations @Leo Francis...well done...
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